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U.S. House District 2


Occupation: lawyer Relevant experience: senior adviser for Beto O’Rourke’s Texas Senate and presidential campaigns 832-269-7427 SIMA LADJEVARDIAN


Occupation: United States representative (TX-02) Relevant experience: retired lieutenant commander, Navy SEALS

Occupation: supply chain project manager Relevant experience: thirteen years leading major infrastructure project execution, large organizational

process improvements, cost reductions and streamlined eciency 713-364-8092 •




What is the top issue in District 2 you would address if elected?

Texans are paying too much for their prescription drugs, which is why I have a bill to hold big pharma companies accountable to stop their unfair, uncompetitive behavior that leads to high drug costs. Texans want personalized health care, which is why I am introducing a plan that will put patients in control.

No matter where you go in our district, the issue is health care. And as a breast cancer [survivor], this crisis hits close to home. We’re in the middle of a pandemic in the nation’s least insured state. We need high-quality, aordable, and accessible health care now more than ever.

Jobs. We need to get Americans back to work and do so responsibly. My solutions are to eliminate all taxes on overtime work, rewarding hard work; legalizing marijuana, bringing over 60,000 new sustainable jobs to Texas; and eliminating bureaucratic red tape barriers.

How would you help the economy, businesses and residents recover from the coronavirus pandemic? We need politicians who take this crisis seriously enough to help our families recover. Small businesses and

The rst thing we can do is re-open our economy safely. That is why I have pushed back hard against calls for further lockdowns, which hurt our small businesses the most. I have also advocated for further relief from Congress to help our small businesses.

Government shutdowns are killing people’s businesses, life savings and prospects for the future. We need to reopen and allow businesses to set their own responsibility standards. Those who act recklessly should be held monetarily liable.

middle-class families are struggling to stay aoat right now. We need to ensure they get the interest-free loans and [Paycheck Protection Program] support they deserve.

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Ensure schools have the flexibility to protect the safety of teachers and students, while also accomodating the children of essential workers and those with special needs. 1. SAFETY FIRST

From front line responders to skill trades that keep our economy moving, career tech education and apprentice- ships prepare students to navigate a rapidly changing economy. 4. CAREER TECHNOLOGY

Push for tuition freezes at Texas universities and community colleges so students can still prepare for the workforce. 5. TUITION FREEZE

Teachers are stepping up to the chal- lenge in these difficult times, balancing their health, their own children’s needs, and the education of others. It’s time they earn what they deserve. 2. RAISE TEACHER PAY

Support teachers with training for new technologies, and ensure all families have access to affordable computers and internet for remote learning. 3. TECHNOLOGY ASSISTANCE

JON ROSENTHAL is one of only two engineers serving in the Texas House of Representatives. A veteran of the oil and gas industry with over twenty-five years of experience, he proudly fights on the side of working families.



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