New Braunfels Edition | July 2021

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approved several similar rezoning ordinances this year. Residents of an adjacent neighbor- hood and members of the CNBRG opposed the construction of an apartment complex on the property. They raised concerns that the devel- opment would cause congestion on Walnut Avenue and detract from sur- rounding communities. In a statement to Community Impact Newspaper members of the CNBRG wrote that they would like to see a pause on all rezoning that would allow for apartments to be con- structed, though they do not oppose existing projects currently underway. “We understand that the growth is going to happen, and it cannot be stopped altogether. We need to more carefully allocate places to shop, small neighborhood parks and more police at this time until the infrastruc- ture can support the people and pro- vide adequate services and safety,” Davis said June 14. “Once we go down this road, there is no turning back.” At the city level, ocials are currently re-examining the zon- ing and development codes to

better accommodate diverse housing options, Je Jewell said. New Braunfels’ zoning codes have not been signicantly updated since 1987, he said, and many existing codes limit the ability of developers and investors to create unique hous- ing options. Multifamily housing is most often perceived to mean multistory apart- ment buildings, Brockman said, but other housing types exist that cur- rent zoning codes do not permit. For example, Brockman said some developers have transformed existing homes into multi-unit residences to house more families at a lower cost. “If we let [developers] have a little bit of creative space, they could give us a bad product, or they could give us something amazing. And I tend to lean toward the market rewards the creativity and the innovation,” Brockman said. “So why wouldn’t we want to create an environment to make that thrive?”

As the city’s population booms, ocials in New Braunfels are working to determine how to keep housing options diverse. Proposed multifamily developments within the city limits often require a plot of land to be rezoned to accommodate the project.

Putting a plan in place

Housing inventory

Land use

These numbers show the anticipated increase in housing units that have been or could be built.

New Braunfels has a total of 29,120 acres, of which 24,769 acres are able to be zoned for development. The remaining 4,351 acres include roads, rivers and other land.


Estimated 2022 Estimated 2021

of the land that can be zoned is currently developed 62%

The 24,769 acres in city limits are currently zoned for*:

470 acres multifamily housing

5,010 acres non-residential use

3,389 acres single-family and multifamily

15,900 acres single-family housing

Multifamily units

Single/two- family units


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