New Braunfels | July 2023


It’s not nostalgia that people nd so appealing about America’s small towns. In fact, most people on the move today grew up in either a city or a suburb. It’s balance. It’s living closer to nature, neighbors knowing each other, leaving the car in the garage and getting on a bike to pick up groceries or go to dinner. It’s good public schools and places for kids to play nearby. It’s seasonal celebrations that bring the entire community together. It’s feeling more connected. In other words, it’s a place that’s coming to life just down the road from historic Gruene in New Braunfels, Texas, called Mayfair. A year aer breaking ground, New Braunfels-based SouthStar Communities is preparing for the rst six homebuilders to begin construction at the 1,900- acre site. However, Mayfair is not an attempt to recreate a 20th century small town. Mayfair is envisioned as a modern community, complete with the latest technology, energy-e‡icient construction, and a contemporary aesthetic. Yet Mayfair is designed to live at a more personal scale, with a though‰ul mix of residential villages, town-center commercial districts, and expansive public parks — all connected by a network of trailways. Like a good town should. And because it’s located in one of the country’s most unique cities, it will embrace many of the qualities and quirks of New Braunfels.

“Our goal for Mayfair has always been to play a positive role in the growth of New Braunfels and the I-35 corridor,” said Chip Mills, Senior Vice President of SouthStar Communities, overseeing the Mayfair development. “A tremendous amount of work has gone into laying a collaborative foundation for Mayfair that prioritizes connectivity, accessibility, and quality of life, while enhancing the regional infrastructure of New Braunfels,” he says. “In just about every way, Mayfair is a continuation of our home city. More of a good thing.” Connectivity is a Mayfair hallmark, with over 30 miles of trailways, including a dedicated o‡-street bike lane, linking residents to multiple Comal ISD schools, shopping, dining, o‡ices and over 330-acres of public parks. Mayfair will o‡er an array of housing choices — single-family homes, townhomes, apartments and build-to-rent options. “The builders we have selected for Mayfair encompass the small town modern feel that Mayfair will be known for,” says Mills. “Each builder was specically chosen for quality crasmanship, business integrity, energy and water e‡iciency, and smart technology.” The rst new homes, located within Mayfair’s Midtown Village, are anticipated to be under construction late this year with sales beginning spring 2024 and the rst move-ins that summer.

Learn more about Mayfair and join the interest list for residential and commercial opportunities at MAYFAIRTX.COM

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