San Marcos - Buda - Kyle Edition | March 2020


Middle school expansions and improvements accommodating school district growth

The Hays CISD bond proposition that will be on the ballot in May would fund a diverse range of items, but the bulk of the money would go toward building, renovating and expanding schools.


New elementary school


Live Oak Academy renovation and expansion

PROP. A $137.48 M PROP. B $34.66 M PROP. C $12.13 M PROP. D $3.95 M PROP. E $27.77 M PROP. F $1.3 M


Elementary school expansions (Negley and Elm Grove)


Hays High School science lab renovation


Secondary musical instruments

TOTAL $217.3 M

$2.08M $400,000 $3.27M $3.5M

Tennis courts at Lehman High School

28 new school busses


Land for future schools or facilities


maintaining district assets


Campus HVACs and re alarms


Campus roong projects

Hays CISDboard approves order for $217.3Mbond onMay ballot


Campus ooring projects


Miscellaneous maintenance projects


Hardscape improvements



capacity at the Johnson High School and Lehman High School stadiums as well as some repairs at Lehman. “I understand the goals, and I do see this plan as something that could work well in this district and positively serve our students, but I believe that we have to be mindful as a governing body as to how much we ask of taxpayers,” trustee Will McManus said before voting against the proposition. “For me personally, this is just too much to ask.” McManus was not alone in his opposition—trustees Willie Tenorio and Michael Sánchez also voted no. Trustee Vanessa Petrea said that she was voting in favor of Proposition C because she wanted the voters to have a choice. “I will be voting yes because I think the voters can make an informed decision on their own,” Petrea said. “And if they don’t want this, then they can vote ‘no.’” Three Hays CISD board seats are also up in the May election. Tobias will not run for re-election, but Willie Tenorio and Petrea have led to be on the ballot. To nd more information on the bond and updates about the election, visit

Keyless entry upgrades

The Hays CISD board of trustees approved an election order for a six-proposition, $217.3 million bond that will go to voters in May at a special meeting Feb. 6. “At this point you’re now at the moment where you have to make the ultimate decision of: do you call for an election or not?” said Tim Savoy, HCISD director of communications and the leader of the facilities and bond oversight committee, which created the recommendations for the board to vote on. By far the most expensive piece of the bond is the $137.48 million Proposition A: Accommodating School District Growth. In addition to the $47.66 million expansion of all six middle schools in the district, Proposition A includes $35.86 million for a new elementary school and smaller sums for the renovation and expansion of Live Oak Academy, elementary school expansions and other items. See a full list of projects in the election order on the district website. Five of the propositions were approved unanimously—all of them except Proposition C, which would authorize over $12 million to increase

Intercom upgrades $1.2M $320,000



Stadium expansions and renovations stadium expansions $12.13M



stadium improvements

Shelton Stadium parking area and campus parking at Hays High baseball/softball complex


Lehman High School baseball/softball complex improvements




Central administration building administration $27.77M




Instructional technology

$1.1 M

Technology infrastructure

$1.3M Total:




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