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The ice cream at Rewind is infused with cereal for a nostalgic feel.

Anita Zhou owns Rewind with several business partners.

WHAT IS BOBA? Boba, referring to the small spheres at the bottom of the sweet drinks, is made from

Rewind Dessert and drink shop pivots to keep customers coming during pandemic A nita Zhou said in coming up with a name for the dessert and drink shop, she and her

Rewind 3245 W. Ray Road, Ste. 3, Chandler 480-466-0079 Hours: Mon.-Thu. 11:30 a.m.-9 p.m., Fri.-Sat. 11:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m., Sun. noon-9 p.m. partially cooked tapioca our. The drinks are comprised of tea and milk. Depending on the avor of drink, it is most often a green tea.

only tasty, but also that the business was aesthetically pleasing. One wall in the back is lled with greenery and a light-up sign and is perfect for those social media snapshots that appeal to people, Zhou said. “People will come in here and hang out and take photos in front of the wall with their friends or with their drinks,” Zhou said. “Social media has been a huge part of bringing in customers for us.” But, Zhou said, the business was forced to pivot quickly when the coronavirus pandemic hit. Rewind quickly oered delivery, pickup and curbside orders, Zhou said. Rewind saw a 50% decline in revenue in spring and summer—typically the busiest time for the business.

“It was really pushing us,” Zhou said. “We had to adapt, like every other business, during this time. We slowed down a lot. People don’t really think of ice cream as a to-go item, so we’ve really been marketing and pushing our drink menu. We added immunity-boosting drinks to the menu, too, specically after COVID-19.” Zhou said as the seasons change, fall and winter are typically the slower months, and the business is hoping people will continue to come in for boba and tea. “We have vegan and dairy-free items; we really have a good variety,” Zhou said. “I would recommend that anyone give us a try, and they won’t regret it.”

business partners wanted to really nd a name that t with their vision for how people would feel in the shop. “We have cereal-infused ice cream,” Zhou said. “And when you eat it, it just reminds you of the cereal you used to eat while you were growing up and watching cartoons. We wanted to kind of rewind back to the basics and back to childhood. Rewind just felt like the name that t the best.” Rewind oers customers an array of ice cream avors, cereal-infused ice cream, build-your-own ice cream options, and boba and tea options. The drink and dessert shop wanted to make sure the menu items were not




5222 E Baseline Rd, Suite 108, Gilbert, AZ 85234



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