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We have a new test where we are comparing the performance of these two technologies side by side.” -EH Does HESOLAR install batteries? “Yes, HESOLAR is a certi–ed installer of the Tesla Powerwall. With the Tesla Powerwall, a solar pv system can continue to operate in the event of a power outage. e Powerwalls can be added now or retro–tted to a system in the future without replacing existing equipment. is year we added Tesla Powerwalls to the test array and will continue to make suggestions based on our –ndings.” -DH What makes HESOLAR di erent from their competitors? “We have many answers to that question. e most common feedback we get is that our customers value working directly with Derrick and I from start to –nish. Customers also have our direct contact a˜er installation. On the sales side, we don’t knock on doors and we don’t push the sell, we just educate. Behind the scenes is where we really di‚erentiate ourselves. Derrick and I have been Master Electricians for over 10 years, and we’re NABCEP Certi- –ed Solar Installation Professionals. We lead our team through the design, installation, and warranty of your system. We don’t subcontract our labor and we use the highest quality materials available. Below is a table we use to display the di‚erences between HESOLAR and our competitors.” -EH

Every design. Every installation. By The Ho man Brothers.

Q & A with the Homan Brothers

What exactly does HESOLAR Do? “e service we provide is a specialized form of electrical contracting. Derrick and I are second generation Master Electricians that grew up in the electrical industry. We’ve spent the last 10 years building on our skill-sets as Master Electricians specializing in solar power, energy storage, and electric vehicle charging. ” -Eric Homan Why are customers adding solar? “Saving money, back-up power capabilities, lowering their carbon footprint, energy independence... Ultimately, solar power allows customers to invest in their own energy needs. e cost of solar installation will be o‚set by savings gained on their electric bills. Additionally, the current Federal Tax Credit of 26% has motivated a lot of our customers to act now before the credit goes away.” - Derrick Homan How does the Tax Credit work? “e credit is factored on the entire system cost. It is currently at 26% and will ramp down to 22% next year. Homeowners should consult with a Tax Professional regarding applicability.” -DH Are all solar panels the same? “Not at all. Solar panels come in di‚erent colors, sizes, and quality. at’s why we created the HESOLAR Test Array. We are actively monitoring the top solar panels in the solar industry and specify our material based on the results. We are also testing leading inverter technologies.” -DH




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Salesmen On-Site Master Electrician

(NO, we sell direct)

On-Site NABCEP Professional

Subcontract Labor Premium Materials

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Solar Panel 25 Yr Warranty Solar Inverter 25 Yr Warranty Workmanship 25 Yr Warranty Module Level Monitoring

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Any advice for homeowners ready to go solar? “Be careful with sales companies knocking on doors and advertising bogus claims on social media like Facebook. eir goal is to get in your house and convince you to make a rush decision. Our advice is to politely close the door. Don’t rush this purchase, take your time and do your research. Cra˜smen don’t –nd you, you –nd us.” -EH

The HESOLAR Test Array video is available at

What are inverters? “e inverter converts the solar panel’s DC voltage to an AC voltage. Solar consumers will have a choice between Microinverters and DC-Optimized String Inverters. Microinverters convert the DC to AC under the solar panel. A DC-Optimized string inverter manipulates the DC voltage under the solar panel and then sends it to an inverter near the electrical service.

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