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2020 Voter Guide

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U.S. House District 7


Occupation: real estate Relevant experience: combat veteran, business man, father, and husband. As the husband of a nurse practitioner and a young father, I understand the importance of securing access to quality, affordable health care for every American. WESLEY HUNT


Occupation: Member of Congress, U.S. House of Representatives Relevant experience: Serving in District 7, introducing and passing legislation to improve disaster recovery; leading the conversation about our energy future; and expanding access to quality, affordable health care What are your highest-priority agenda items? Since taking office, I have prioritized the issues that matter to this community: protecting and expanding access to quality, affordable health care; rebuilding and making our infrastructure more resilient; growing our economy; and ensuring Houston leads the way into our energy future. Health care remains a top concern for TX-07 residents. D

Occupation: drafting/designer in oil and gas Relevant experience: I am a regular American citizen. This is my first run for any public office. I feel the American citizens voice has been ignored for far too long.



The American Dream is alive and well in America, and in order to preserve the American promise for future generations, I will: protect Houston’s energy jobs from Congressional Democrats and the Green New Deal [and] ensure Houston receives the support it needs to both recover from Harvey and prevent future flooding.

Balancing the United States budget. Seeking to create ways to make it easier for families to adopt if that is the path they choose for their families. I will work towards all being equal with equal opportunities and equal justice. I will work to bring term limits to the United States Congress. I will work to bring reform to elections making it easier for everyday citizens to make a run.

How will you work to build productive relationships across districts and party lines? Leaders across the aisle need to act based on the needs of their constituents, not the priorities of their political parties. When I get to DC, I will work with both parties to deliver results to the 7th District and Texas as a whole. At the end of the day, we are all Americans first. It is the highest privilege to bring Houston’s values of inclusion, innovation, and collaboration to Congress to help bring progress, equality, and opportunity for all Americans. That means working with members of both parties to find common-sense solutions to our most pressing challenges.

I am nonpartisan and will vote for what is best for all Americans.

U.S. House District 10




Occupation: small-business owner/ entrepreneur Relevant experience: spent 20+ years in the banking/ finance, teaching, consulting, and entrepreneurship fields

Occupation: U.S. Congressman Relevant experience: I am serving my eighth term representing District 10 and am ranked the third most effective member of Congress. 512-537-6229

Occupation: civil rights attorney Relevant experience: As a teacher and civil rights attorney, I’ve fought unjust laws and advocated for marginalized communities. I’ll bring my experience working to promote equality and justice to Congress— being the representative TX-10 deserves. 512-766-2611 •




What are the biggest challenges facing District 10 presently, and how do you plan to address them? The coronavirus outbreak hit the Texas economy hard, and TX-10 was not immune. Now, we are seeing an economic comeback and I’m running to help workers and families continue that recovery. I will continue

If elected, what will be your first action? Work to pass a Term Limits Bill and Balanced Budget Amendment. Health care, economy and COVID, taxes and federal spending, and term limits. I will always work to protect the unborn and end federal subsidization of Planned Parenthood. I will also work to end the [Affordable Care Act], allow people to purchase health insurance across state lines, reduce the cost of prescription drugs, and create a public option for people to purchase.

My first action when elected would be to enact the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. The right to vote is the foundation of our democracy. We need to make sure everyone can freely vote in every election, and that means removing barriers to voter registration, creating a national holiday on Election Day, and making sure that states cannot engage in voter suppression. Three of the biggest challenges facing District 10 are healthcare, education and climate change. I support Medicare for All, as I believe that healthcare is a human right, and that every American should have high quality, affordable healthcare, regardless of their employment status or income. Having started my career as a public school teacher, I’m fighting to grow our public school system.

to fight for financial support like the Paycheck Protection Program loans for small businesses. Through my position on Foreign Affairs, I will work to secure new trade deals that put American[s] ... first.

Our country is still facing the crisis created by the coronavirus outbreak. My top priority is to ensure we are providing the support needed to families, workers, small business owners, and all Americans. I will continue to push for COVID relief legislation while incentivizing and supporting private sector ingenuity to create a safe and effective vaccine that is available to all Americans.

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