Cedar Park Leander Edition | April 2022

BUSINESS FEATURE Lucky 7 Cards & Collectibles Cedar Park shop connects collectors of all ages L ucky 7 Cards & Collectibles aims to be a trading card destination for collectors of all types, ages and budgets—from $1 to $100,000. The Cedar Park card shop gives to rapid interest in F1 racing. From one week to the next in March, the value of each F1 box increased from $599 to about $1,250 as the season approached, Thomas said. Cards are sold individually or in

Lucky 7 Cards & Collectibles o ers selections of cards ranging from professional sports to video games. Here are some of the categories that Lucky 7 o ers: CARDS FOR ALL


College basketball, NBA


College football, NFL


Thomas and Mindy Kurowski opened the card shop in March 2021. (Photos by Taylor Girtman/Community Impact Newspaper)

Star Wars

customers a place to buy, sell, trade and consign their sports and enter- tainment cards and memorabilia. “Our goal here is to make everyone feel welcome no matter if you’re buying nothing or buying $100,000 worth of stu ,” owner Thomas Kurowski said. Thomas and Mindy Kurowski opened Lucky 7 Cards and Collect- ibles in March 2021 as a business for their family of seven to run together. Thomas began collecting cards, par- ticularly of the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bulls, when his grandparents would give him card packs. He also worked in a card shop at a young age where he was paid in cards. In its Šrst year of business, the shop proved to Šll a local business gap and provide an opportunity for the Kurowskis to give back to their Cedar Park community. Mindy said the store has something for everyone. “It’s fun to see people who think they will be bored to tears come in and just have a blast,” Mindy said. Lucky 7 specializes in cards of all types, from professional sports such as the NBA, NFL, and MLS cards to Star Wars and Pokémon cards. The store also sells Formula One card packs, which are popular due

packs or hobby boxes, which are like “lottery scratch-o s,” Thomas said. Customers can open their sealed packs in-store to see the value and rarity of their cards. Boxes come in a variety of price points so that customers can begin collecting with any budget. “To me, the cards don’t always have to be about the value or the money. It’s about collecting your team, collecting your players,” Thomas said. “A lot of people get caught up in the money side of it ... but to see the kids get excited about getting to pull an everyday card is awesome.” Each card’s value is based on sold comparables, Thomas said. Cards can also be graded, which is when the card is sent to a third-party company to certify a card’s condition and score it on a scale of 1 to 10, to increase value and prove authenticity. The print count, meaning how many of each card exists, also impacts a card’s value. The value of a card can also increase or decrease based on how well an active player performs in a game or based on life events such as the death of Kobe Bryant or the temporary retirement of Tom Brady.

A variety of NFL cards are on display with several signed football helmets.

Lucky 7 Cards & Collectibles 600 S. Bell Blvd., Ste. 18, Cedar Park 512-775-9294 www.lucky7cardshop.com Hours: Mon. noon-7 p.m., Tue.-Fri. 11 a.m.-6 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m.-3 p.m., closed Sun. Card packs begin at $1 (right) and go into the $1,000s, such as the Flawless case (left).

Baseball cards are on display at Lucky 7 Cards & Collectibles.










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