Cedar Park Leander Edition | April 2022

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Leander City Council, Place 3


Occupation: solution engineer focused on software challenges facing government STEVE HANES

Occupation: disabled/ retired Relevant experience: four decades in the ROSLYN LITTLES

Occupation: transpor- tation management Relevant experi- ence: 25 years in city government serving the community and DAVID MCDONALD four-plus years in the transportation eld https://davidforleander.com

Occupation: education Relevant experience: board member, Leander Library Foundation (since June 2020) www.juan4leander.com

Relevant experience: I’m the only candidate in my race with signi- cant experience on city boards. www.hanesforleander.com

managerial eld, bud- get/nance, counselor, training coordinator. Facebook: Roslyn Littles for Leander City Council Place 3

Why are you the best candidate for this seat?

As the only candidate that has served their country in the military and worked as a po- lice o”cer for 25 years, I know ‰rsthand how to serve all citizens. I know how to listen to the citizens and hear their concerns. I am a proven problem-solver who will work to ‰nd the best solution.

Taking into consideration of my life and pro- fessional work experience with companies and people. When companies positively work with the public to build a professional relationship, [it] creates an environment for everyone to enjoy.

I am a political outsider, not completely aligned to one party or another and not aligned with any political action committees. City governments should be non-partisan, and I am that person. ... I am an independent thinker and will be the voice of all residents, listen to their ideas and concerns and reach decisions based on research and citizen input.

No other candidate for Place 3 has my breadth of experience working on city boards and committees. My experience includes: economic development—chair, parks and recreation advisory board, Little League advisory board, co-founder and a board member for The Leander Foundation. These have all given me insight into the way city government works.

What are the top issues the city is facing?

Smart economic development and our infrastructure including roads and water. We must attract new business development to our city. We lose potential sales tax revenue when our residents leave the city for dining and entertainment. Securing a secondary water source is crucial, and having adequate roadways for our growing population is a need we must plan for.

(1) Making sure Leander is prepared for continued rapid growth (water and trans- portation infrastructure). (2) attracting more businesses (retail, restaurants, entertain- ment) and small to mid-sized corporations to improve Leander’s tax base and provide jobs. (3) Leander needs more parks and recreation. We are below the national recommendations for parks.

Unforeseen growth has accelerated infra- structure challenges, as evidenced by recent issues with water, power and tra”c. No matter CapMetro’s fate on the May ballot, a solid follow-up plan is required to move the city forward. Economic growth, expansion and retention of existing businesses are all high priorities as well. I have plans and ideas to address all of these.

Top issue of the city is the MetroRail line. The residents of Leander may not see the next crucial problem that will a“ect them at some point in their lives. Having to decide whether to care for their loved ones in a comfortable home environment instead of a nursing home.

What do you think sustainable growth looks like for Leander?

We must prioritize the needs of our city and not outgrow our infrastructure. For example, business development growth and additional housing will bring more tra”c, so preparing for roadway improvement and expansion is a must. Planning for growth and investing now for our future needs will ensure that we will not add unnecessary stress on our current systems.

Sustainable growth is managing our growth so we can continue preparing for the future while working to sustain and maintain the beauty and small-city feel of Leander for cur- rent and future residents. We must provide parks and rec facilities as well as activities so workers and their families can relax regular- ly. Development must be done in a way to preserve our natural beauty.

Our infrastructure is aging and being outgrown by our population. In addition to upgrading for future demand, I propose we implement an ongoing maintenance plan for infrastructure to extend the usable life of our assets. This is common sense and good stewardship. I support incentives for building construction and retro‰t to qualify for LEED certi‰cations.

Sustainable growth for Leander is for the city to be able to fully support the appropriate needs of the residents.

Answers may have been edited for length, style and clarity. Read full Q&As at communityimpact.com .

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