Lake Travis - Westlake Edition | May 2021



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HAIRCUT DELIVERY NOW IN WESTLAKE AND LAKE TRAVIS Austin, Texas - SpaDash Haircut Delivery, an Austin mobile haircut company, has recently expanded services to concentrate in Westlake and Lake Travis.

The company offers mobile haircuts at customer’s homes or offices, both indoors and out. The services are provided by state-licensed hair stylists, which travel to client’s locations and set up a portable salon station, complete with a lit mirror to cut hair. Each haircut appointment starts with a single-use hair tarp being placed on the floor, protecting the environment from hair and debris, and ends with cleanup. Customers can make appointments directly

in the SpaDash app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. When booking a haircut, one has the choice to pick a particular stylist or have the app choose any stylist that is available in their area. All payments are made directly in the app, along with any gratuity offered, so there is no cash needed. At the conclusion of each appointment, clients have the ability to place a review of the stylist services, allowing others to see their rating when booking. Customers can save well over an hour or two every haircut they and their family receive. There is no more driving to the salon and sitting in waiting areas either. Families can spend time doing other things while SpaDash comes to them. Safety is a top concern. Using SpaDash eliminates crowds of people and limits exposure. All stylists disinfect equipment using the same solution as hospital labs and always wear masks. A major plus is that outdoor haircut appointments are also available for those that wish to go the extra step in their haircut safety. SpaDash is an Austin-based company. Its founder is an alumnus of Westwood High School and The University of Texas at Austin. For more information, visit or download the SpaDash app and order a haircut delivery today. SpaDash. Cut Your Hair. Anytime. Anywhere. $10 Indoor or Outdoor Haircut Delivery Use Promo: IMPACT10SW




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