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Haley and Derek Lawwill open Slackers Brewing Co.—Anderson Mill’s rst brewery— late summer. (Iain Oldman/Community Impact Newspaper)

The Milkshake Double IPA is a malty beer with a range of hoppy avors and aromas. (Courtesy Slackers Brewing Co.)

Slackers Brewing Co. Owners building family-friendly space in Anderson Mill W hen Derek and Haley Law began initial designs on their upcoming brewery, they went in knowing they wanted the space to be as welcoming to the community as possible. To meet that end, Haley said she told the BY IAIN OLDMAN

FAMILYMATTERS Slackers Brewing Co. founders Derek and Haley Law say they intend to turn the upcoming brewery into a welcoming space for the entire surrounding Anderson Mill community. Early designs from the brewery include features specically made with families in mind. • Mothers room for breastfeeding moms • Quiet room for children • Children’s play area

opening a brewery of his own ever since. While the rst draught pour from the brewery’s taproom is still months away, Derek said malty beers, such as Belgian ales and stouts, will be the “heart and soul” of Slackers Brewing Co.’s oering. Slackers will focus on its taproom experience to create an inviting environment for its neighbors. Haley, who attended culinary school, is also building a menu of simple sandwiches and baked goods to serve out of the taproom. “We want to ... provide a space where everyone does feel welcome, even people who don’t drink beer,” Haley said. As part of the Laws’ mission to be a welcoming taproom, Haley said the brewery will have a private room for breastfeeding moms; a quiet room for families; and play areas for children of all ages with Lego sets, board games and more. “I’ve seen a need in the brewery world where a lot of times you, as a mom with children, don’t love being the mom at the brewery. It’s not the best feeling,” Haley said. “We really wanted to enhance that and bring a place where truly every- one feels comfortable.”

• Clear sight lines throughout taproom • Cafe serving locally roasted coee

architect the couple hired to design the space with clean, open lines of sight throughout the taproom of Slackers Brewing Co. so that parents can keep an eye on their children at all times. The couple—with two children of their own—said they hope to create an environment for everybody in the surrounding neighborhoods to come in and enjoy the space. “This place very much is going to be a fami- ly-friendly and community-driven center,” Derek told Community Impact Newspaper . The Laws are aiming to open the brewery at 12233 N. RM 620, Ste. 204, Austin—the irst brew- ery in Anderson Mill—in late summer 2021. For Derek, the future opening of the family-run brewery comes after a decade of home brewing experience. The brewer said he made his rst batch of craft beer in 2011 and has set his sights on

Slackers Brewing Co. 12233 N. RM 620, Ste. 204, Austin 916-747-5770







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