Northwest Austin Edition | May 2021


For more than 100 years, Austin Water has been committed to providing safe, reliable, high quality drinking water with a focus on sustainable and affordable services to our customers.

Austin Water’s 2020 Consumer Confidence Report provides facts about the safety and quality of your drinking water, which meets all state and federal standards. Quality Austin Water tests your drinking water several times each day as it passes through the distribution system, and our water meets and exceeds EPA regulations.

Value/Affordability For the cost of a 20 oz. bottle of water, you can buy around 300 gallons of Austin’s tap water and it tastes great! Environment Choosing drinking water from Austin Water is environmentally sound because no fuel is used to transport plastic water bottles and no petroleum is used to create the plastic. And, no plastic bottles go in the landfill. You can find the 2020 Consumer Confidence Report online at the link below, or call 512-972-0155 to receive a copy by email or mail.

Austin Water Quality Report 2020 Para una versión en Español llame al 512-972-0155

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