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The chicken and waes ($13.99) come with a side of potato twisters.

Grumpy's sells thousands of homemade pies each year.


The chicken-fried steak ($15.99) is smothered with country gravy and served with a side of French fries and Texas toast. Chicken-fried chicken is also available.

The Henry Taco ($4.29) is loaded with egg, potato, bacon, beans and mixed cheese.


Grumpy Azzoz opened Grumpy’s in 1999.

Grumpy’s Mexican Cafe Bracken-area eatery oers homemade favorites and community service G rumpy Azzoz began his rst restaurant in 1999 as a taco shop that only had six tables. money, I want to donate and help give people food.” operations. He said he is dedicated to serving fresh food and fair portions, which keep people coming back.

PIES AND PASTRIES Grumpy’s Mexican Cafe sells homemade pies and pastries year-round, with thousands being sold around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Prices for pies and other pastries range from $12.99 - $16.99 .

Azzoz attributes the success of his restaurant to the community service he values and his relationship with the community. “We reach out to thousands and thousands of people during the holiday season to make sure they have food on Thanksgiving and Christmas,” he said. WE MAKE EVERYTHING HERE, AND IT IS FRESH. WE CUT OUR OWN STEAKS AND CHICKEN. PEOPLE DESERVE KNOWING THAT, BY COMING HERE, THEY ARE GOING TO GET HOMEMADE FOOD THAT IS NOT PREPACKAGED. GRUMPY AZZOZ, RESTAURANT FOUNDER Azzoz said he found his passion for cooking while working at Jim’s Restaurant—owned by San Anto- nio-based Frontier Enterprises—as a dishwasher, then a head cook and eventually as the director of

“I had six tables in there, and I couldn’t even ll them,” Azzoz said. “I wasn’t making money, but my spirit was high, and I knew it was going to happen.” Despite not lling those tables, Azzoz decided to expand, adding eight more tables and opening a new addition at his restaurant, Grumpy’s. When the rst location began to ll up, Azzoz decided the restaurant needed more space. He moved directly across the street and opened the current location. “After about a year, the whole restaurant lled up,” Azzoz said. “And we made it. Then I saw this new building and decided I want to see about renting it.” Azzoz said he was condent in the risk to expand the restaurant, believ- ing the Bracken area had potential for growth. “It was a risk, but a calculated one,” Azzoz said. “It took time, money and eort. We made it, and we are still here.” After moving and building a suc- cessful restaurant, Azzoz wanted to give more to the community through food donations and fundraising for those in need. “I have been donating food for 22 years,” he said. “Even if we lose

“I wanted to make the best food and the best product,” Azzoz said. “We make everything here, and it is fresh. We cut our own steaks and chicken. People deserve knowing that, by coming here, they are going to get homemade food that is not prepackaged.” The restaurant serves breakfast and lunch, oering a variety of Mexican dishes as well as breakfast and lunch staples. After 22 years leading Grumpy’s, Azzoz made the decision to retire in 2021, passing down restaurant operations to General Manager Kesia Jackson. “She has been with me for 15 years, and she is the perfect soldier,” Azzoz said. “When I hired her, I had a feeling this girl was going to be somebody. When I retired, I turned it over to her.” To ll his time after retirement, Azzoz raises goats while maintaining the properties he owns. Despite retiring, Azzoz said he wants to see people continue to enjoy the food and watch the restau- rant serve the community. “There is nothing that is hard to do,” Azzoz said. “If you put your mind to it, it can be easy.”

Pie avors vary by season and supply, with popular pies including:






Grumpy’s Mexican Cafe 18817 FM 2252, San Antonio 210-651-3444 http://grumpysmexicancafe. Hours: Tue.-Sun. 7 a.m.-2 p.m., Mon. closed





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