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MUSTTRY TACOS Resident Taqueria’s Andrew Savoie picked three tacos visitors should sample. 1 Cauliower Taco ($4) has oven-dried kale, pepita seeds and epazote aioli. 2 Pork Belly Burnt End Taco ($5) features cabbage, cucumber, jalapeno, lime and Macha. 3 Mixed Mushroom Taco ($6) includes Cotija cheese, almonds and almond salsa.



An atmosphere of professional development is fostered at Resident Taqueria as the restaurant often has culinary students working on class projects. (Photos by Karen Chaney/Community Impact Newspaper)

Co-owner Andrew Savoie is originally from New York and describes the ambiance of Resident Taqueria as “New York cozy.”

Resident Taqueria Locally owned taco spot considers tortillas to be avor vehicles O ne day after attending their children’s soccer games at Moss Field, Lake Highlands restaurant career. He worked as a chef in numerous ve-star


to help create the menu. “I wanted to take what I learned about nesse, avors and textures and put it into a tortilla,” he said. “A tortilla resembles what I feel is a plate; that’s all it is, a vehicle for eating avors.” He points to the $4 cauliower taco as an example of its nontradi- tional taqueria fare. “I’m using Latin cuisine as a whole and improvising all regional and global avors to be put into a tortilla,” Andrew said. When Andrew and Amy were coming up with a business name, they wanted a name with neighbor- hood ties. “We’re doing it for the residents of Lake Highlands,” he said.

restaurants nationwide then taught culinary arts at the Art Institute of Dallas. Andrew said he blended knowledge gleaned from work experiences and formal education to create a business plan for a breakfast taco place. “I did a lot of research and found breakfast wasn’t going to cut it alone,” he said. “I switched my plan and [included] lunch and dinner.” Andrew said eventually, due to labor shortages, he had to replace breakfast tacos with breakfast sandwiches and avocado toast, both of which cost $5. Andrew also used his background

residents Andrew and Amy Savoie found themselves hankering for breakfast tacos. Andrew said there was not anywhere nearby to satisfy this craving at that time. “Lake Highlands was a food desert at the time,” Andrew said. “My wife looked at me and said, ‘Why don’t you open one?’ And I said, ‘Let’s do it.’” On Oct. 8, 2015, the couple opened Resident Taqueria in the Lake Highlands Plaza Shopping Center. After graduating from Baltimore International College in 1997 with an associate degree in culinary arts, Andrew embarked on a 25-year

Resident Taqueria 9661 Audelia Road, Ste. 112, Dallas 972-685-5280 Hours: Tue.-Sat. 8:30 a.m.-9 p.m., closed Sun.-Mon.



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