Bellaire - Meyerland - West University Edition | June 2022

Pam Keever and Kathleen Wiesenthal Keever Law PLLC dba Keever & Wiesenthal 6910 Chetwood, Houston, TX 77081 T: (713) 995-8200 | F: (713) 995-8894 PROBATE • WILLS • GUARDIANSHIP • REAL ESTATE • ESTATE PLANNING

With a focus on real estate, will and estate planning preparation, and probate, Keever & Wiesenthal are unique in our ability to reconcile real estate issues within the context of a probate hearing or in the course of will and estate planning preparation. You live in a very unique state from the rest of the nation in terms of real estate law. When you need to purchase, sell or refinance your real property, one-size-fits-all legal forms may not be adequate to achieve the results you need and neither should your estate plan.

You need to consult with a Texas Real Estate Attorney who has experience and knows how to reach the result you desire. When you have taken the time to find a law firm to help you plan your end of life decisions and to guide you through Texas Real Estate transactions, make sure it’s a firm who can handle your case with the utmost care and professionalism. Make sure it’s Keever & Wiesenthal.

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