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Collin County expands local monkeypox vaccination criteria

Texas ranks 45th for overall child well-being

WELL-BEING DECLINES Texas ranked 48th in the nation in the child health indicator study.

In Texas, about children and teens died per 28 100,000 adolescents.


TEXAS The state is one of the low- est-ranked states in the nation for the well-being of children, according to a new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The AECF’s annual Kids Count Data Book evaluates national and state data across four categories— economic well-being, education, health and family/community— through the lens of children. Texas ranked 45th this year, which was consistent with recent years. Texas’ ranking is relative to other states, Coda Rayo-Garza said. Rayo- Garza is the director of research and data for Every Texan, a nonprofit policy organization. Texas has improved in 12 of the AECF’s 16 indicators, but Rayo-Garza said other states have experienced greater improvements. “It’s not based on how Texas performed, but based on how Texas


“at this time.” Denton County is also offering vaccinations for monkeypox with an online form. Collin County Healthcare Services: www.collincountytx. gov/healthcare_services/Pages/ news.aspx Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: poxvirus/monkeypox DSHS: news/updates.shtm#monkeypox Denton County Public Health: monkeypox VACCINE UPDATES More information on monkeypox and vaccine eligibility and appointments is available at the following sites:

This has worsened from the 2010 rate of 26 deaths per 100,000. SOURCE: ANNIE E. CASEY FOUNDATION/ COMMUNITY IMPACT NEWSPAPER

COLLIN COUNTY The county expanded the criteria for people eligible to receive a monkeypox vaccination “following an increase in vaccine availability,” according to an Aug. 17 news release. The Jynneos vaccine for monkey- pox was previously only available for high-risk individuals and those who had close contact with a confirmed case. It is now available for anyone within 14 days of coming in close contact with a diagnosed case. The Texas Department of State Health Services received additional doses of the Jynneos vaccine, according to an Aug. 16 news release. The release also indicated additional doses may not be available until November. Collin County officials said a disaster declaration is not warranted

performed compared to other states,” Rayo-Garza explained. In 2020, 2,238 children and teens died in Texas. The adolescent death rate in Massachusetts, which is ranked first for child well-being, is 14 deaths per 100,000 adolescents—half of Texas’ rate. Texas ranked 48th in the child health indicator, while Massachu- setts came in first. The AECF report shows Texas’ 2022 rankings for overall child well-being and the related indicators have not changed significantly since 2020.

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