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TxDOT recommends elevated lanes, new intersections on I 45

Long- and short-term solutions to begin addressing congestion on the I-45 corridor were presented by the Texas Department of Transporta- tion at a public meeting Sept. 26. TxDOT initiated a Planning and Environmental Linkages study in 2017 to identify solutions to traƒc congestion and „ow on I-45. The details Based on TxDOT study †ndings and public comment, the most viable and preferred solution to I-45 congestion was identi†ed as elevated managed lanes with access to major frontage roads. Intersections which access I-45 would be turned into diverging diamond intersections, which would move frontage road traƒc over major intersections. These projects are slated for a 10- to 20-year project timeline, according to TxDOT, and Houston-Galveston Area Council oƒcials estimate the cost at $300 million. In the short term, TxDOT is also looking at potential shared-use pathways along the frontage roads to allow more space for biking and pedes- trian travel through intersections and between businesses on frontage roads. What they’re saying “We’re hoping that this is going to help the entire community with … increasing mobility issues, … and from what I’ve seen so far it’s a good plan,” Shenandoah Mayor John Escoto said. “We get a lot of our customers just from driving by, seeing the signs, so my concern is … if they expand, we’re right up against the frontage road so parking will disappear, but it’s a quite a ways out [before that happens],” said Andy Armstrong, a business owner along I-45. What’s next TxDOT Public Information Oƒcer Bambi Hall said the projects will likely not see construction start for another †ve to 10 years, and they still have to go through funding requests through the state before TxDOT oƒcially starts work on the project. Lane elevations on I-45 are currently on the 20-year plan for development by TxDOT; however, projects such as intersection remodeling and shared-use path creation could begin within the next †ve to 10 years, TxDOT oƒcials said. A comment period for the project was held through Oct. 13, at which point TxDOT planned to consider any potential concerns and move forward with design and construction.

Future possibilities for I45 A number of intersection changes on I-45 between Loop 336 in Conroe and Beltway 8 in northern Houston could provide additional transit routes and trac patterns over the next ve to 10 years.

Intersection type recommended

Diverging diamond: The tra c pattern allows thru-tra c and left-turning tra c through the intersection simultaneously.


Bike intersection: Area for bicycle and pedestrian tra c along intersections





Roundabout intersection: A circular intersection in which tra c travels counterclockwise around a central island and entering


tra c yields to the circulating tra c.


20-year plan for elevated lanes The Texas Department of Transportation unveiled a new possible look for I-45 at a Sept. 26 public meeting. The new design would create elevated managed lanes from Beltway 8 to Loop 336.

2 managed lanes

2 managed lanes

Elevated lanes would be managed lanes for high- occupancy vehicles or tolls.

Sidewalk path

Sidewalk path

3 frontage lanes

4 main lanes

4 main lanes

3 frontage lanes




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