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Eanes ISD adopts $212.3M budget for FY 2022-23

“THIS AMOUNT GIVES THE DISTRICT EVERYTHING THEY WOULD NEED FOR THE NEXT FIVE YEARS TO MAKE THE DISTRICT BETTER AND CONTINUE TO BE A DESTINATION DISTRICT.” DANA RIEDER, LAKE TRAVIS ISD COMMITTEE MEMBER ON THE BOND NUMBER TO KNOW 2021-22 to 2022-23 in Eanes ISD $22.2M increase in state recapture from DISTRICT HIGHLIGHTS EANES ISD The board of trustees on June 21 approved the 2022-23 School Safety & Health Advisory council members, including 20 parents, 10 members of school staff, five Westlake High School students and three community members. LEANDER ISD The board approved the 2022-23 compensation plan at its May 19 meeting with the following terms: $15 minimum hourly rate; 5% increase at midpoint for teachers, nurses and counselors; a 4% increase at midpoint for all other eligible staff; and the use of the fund balance, if necessary, for the 2022-23 compensation plan. Eanes ISD board of trustees Meets June 21 at 6 p.m. at 601 Camp Craft Road, West Lake Hills. Lake Travis ISD board of trustees Meets July 20 at 6 p.m. at 607 RM 620, Lakeway. Leander ISD board of trustees Meets July 21 at 6:15 p.m. 300 W. South Drive, Leander. MEETINGS WE COVER

Lake Travis ISD considers potential $703 million bond unanimously approved a 5% mid- point raise for salaried staff and a 6% midpoint raise for hourly staff, which is reflected in the adopted budget. The Eanes Education Foundation EANES ISD On June 21, the Eanes ISD board of trustees approved the fiscal year 2022-23 budget following a public hearing. The $212.3 million budget includes pay increases for teachers and staff as well as adjustments for declining student enrollment through the general fund, debt service fund and child nutrition fund. Revenue for the general fund is anticipated to be $211.3 million, while expenditures are set to equal $212.3 million. Recapture payments are included as part of the expenditures. The district is anticipated to pay $124.8 million in 2022-23, up from $102.6 million in 2021-22. In May, the board of trustees LAKE TRAVIS ISD The bond advisory committee presented details about a potential $703 million bond for new schools and several other projects at its June 15 board meeting. The bond proposal is not finalized, and more details on spending will be released in coming meetings. The board must make a decision on whether to hold a bond election by Aug. 22.

contributed a $2.75 million grant to help fund instructional positions. The total expenditures in the child nutrition fund are $4.6 million, while revenue is estimated at $4.4 million. An additional $100,000 in the budget was put aside to increase compensa- tion for child nutrition and custodian positions, which the district said it needs to fill. The debt service fund is predicted to have a budgetary surplus of $5.6 million due to the district paying off bonds and working in previous years to refinance existing bonds. The per-pupil allotment for the district was $6,160 in 2021-22, and this is expected to remain the same for 2022-23, according to the district. Although there is a $1 million defi- cit, EISD Chief Financial Officer Chris Scott said districts usually budget higher than they would normally spend to provide flexibility.

TRACKING FUNDING At the school board meeting, district representatives broke down the anticipated budget for 2022-23. *OTHER LOCAL FUNDING INCLUDES DONATIONS AND PROGRAM TUITION.


Property tax $194.2M

State $8.4M Other local $6.5M

Other $1.4M Federal $0.8M

TOTAL $211.3M


State recapture $124.8M

Payroll $75.8M

TOTAL $212.3M

Other $11.7M


Leander ISD board mulls safety, security LEANDER ISD The district is now looking at the possibility of issuing identification badges for all students moving forward, said Brandon Evans, executive director of campus support. Some campuses already issue ID badges to students, but it is not a districtwide practice. Additionally, Leander ISD is looking to make improvements on the mass-alert system, which has been discussed often in committee meetings.

SPLITTING UP THE BOND A presentation at the Lake Travis ISD June 15 board meeting outlined these projects for the $703 million bond. *FIGURES SHOWN HERE ARE ESTIMATIONS

$166.4M: campus and district renovations and improvements $236.4M: new high school

SOURCE: LAKE TRAVIS ISD/COMMUNITY IMPACT NEWSPAPER $15M: land $38.7M: facilities condition assessment projects $50.9M: new Elementary School No. 8 $55.2M: technology $55.5M: new Elementary School No. 9 $84.7M: Lake Travis High School additions and upgrades

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