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The Levitt Pavilion is being pitched for a site in Energy Capital Park, an area formerly owned by Shell adjacent to the Willow Waterhole Greenway. Meanwhile, Greenway ocials manage their own projects. Three entities, one space

1. Brays Oaks Management District: Working directly under the city of Houston, which owns the land, to develop a plan for the Energy Capital Park site 2. Levitt Pavilion Houston: Leading a separate eort to bring the Levitt Pavilion, which will host future live-music shows, to the Energy Capital Park site 3. Willow Waterhole Greenspace Conservancy: An all-volunteer group that works with the Harris County Flood Control District on improvements and maintenance of the Willow Waterhole Greenway

Ocials leading an eort to bring the Levitt Pavilion to a site near the Willow Waterhole Greenway said plans could come together in 2023.



houses were held starting in April 2022 to get resident feedback. “They wanted the [Levitt] Pavil- ion there, and I think that not only will it expand the opportunities for recreation and entertainment at the location, but I think it brings a level of professional music scene to the area,” Castex-Tatum said. Sacks said the proposed location of the pavilion within Energy Capital Park benets from the larger music education scene that exists within the surrounding areas, as well as the live music festivals that have taken place at the greenway since 2013. “What connects better with our community than live music within a

area and educating the public about the park while development contin- ues is important. “I think it’s critical for it to be devel- oped for ood detention,” Richards said. Richards said she makes it a prior- ity to walk twice a week at the green space with her friends and looks for- ward to the future plans for the site. “I’m so happy that we’ve got this unique area in our midst, and I just see that there is much more potential that is coming,” she said.

beautiful green space?” Sacks said. “So how can we do that more impact- fully? That’s the vision for Levitt Pavilion.” Today, while local residents and those visiting the greenway might notice metal fencing surrounding the roughly 29-acre site, the vision for its future remains open and exible, Sacks said. The three key elements of the site—the Willow Waterhole Greenway, the Levitt Pavilion and the Energy Capital Park—each have their separate and unique campaigns that will determine how they will be brought to life, Sacks said. Many of the details for what could come to Energy Capital Park are still

to be determined, Castex-Tatum said, though she said there was already a lot of excitement about the project. “We’re still working on the plans and what’s going to be in the actual facility,” Castex-Tatum said. Similarly, though Levitt Pavilion is still in the early stages, Sacks said his group is already elding interest from individuals and groups looking to support the project. Once ocials reach an agreement on the site, nal design work and fundraising will move forward. Levitt Pavilion, with its separate board, is likely to move forward rst, Sacks said. For Braeburn resident Barbara Rich- ards, helping to control ooding in the

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