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DEVELOPMENT Restaurant parkwill now include Biergarten, Eiland Coee Roasters



request to add Dave’s Hot Chicken to the development. The objection rested primarily on the desired full-service drive-thru as well as issues related to walkability and trac. As a compromise, Hermansen returned with a plan that gives up one of the future drive-thru restaurants and reduces the size of the drive-thru at Dave’s from two lanes to one, among other concessions. The updated proposal also includes a 16,000-square-foot outdoor dining and entertainment plaza known as the Biergarten. Hermansen said the area will include picnic tables, a bar, space for live music or movie screenings, a game court and other amenities. Hermansen worked closely with Eiland to incorporate a new location for his coee roasting business. In 2019, Eiland pitched his idea for a coee roasting warehouse and drive-thru restaurant north of the

City Council voted Oct. 11 to approve two zoning requests that pave the way for the expansion of Richardson Restaurant Park and the construction of a new location for Eiland Coee Roasters. Kirk Hermansen, developer of the restaurant park, and Clay Eiland, owner of Eiland Coee Roasters, both plan to bring drive-thru restaurants to the property, triggering the need for special permits. At a meeting in December, Herman- sen was approved to bring two addi- tional restaurants with prepaid order pickup windows to the restaurant park, which is located o the US 75 frontage road just north of Spring Val- ley Road. However, council reserved the right to vet Hermansen’s tenants if he decided to pursue full-service drive-thrus via a special permit. In July, council denied Hermansen’s



Dave’s Hot Chicken, a new location for Eiland Coee Roasters and an outdoor Biergarten will be added to the north end of Richardson Restaurant Park. (Rendering courtesy Hermansen Land Development)

restaurant park. Council voted down the proposal, citing potential trac congestion on the US 75 frontage road and insucient parking as the main areas of concern. This version of Eiland’s plan eliminates access from the frontage road as a means of relieving trac. Cross access and cross parking with Hermansen’s property should improve access for pedestrians and provide more parking, according to city documents. The location, which will be built on the northern edge of the restaurant

park property, will include a two-story restaurant with a drive-thru as well as an adjacent coee roasting warehouse with administrative space. Most of council agreed that Her- mansen’s new plan was a sucient compromise; however, some were concerned that there was no guaran- tee the Biergarten would be built. In response, Hermansen agreed to a contingency in the ordinance that would revoke the drive-thru order board at Dave’s if construction on the Biergarten does not begin within 24 months.

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procedures with special interests in arthroscopic surgery, sports medicine, shoulder reconstruction, shoulder and knee replacement, and elbow ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction and repairs (also known as Tommy John surgery) for throwing athletes.

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