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Owners John and Jennifer Garrett launched the rst edition of Community Impact Newspaper in 2005 with three full-time employees covering Round Rock and Pugerville, Texas. We have expanded our operations to include hundreds of employees, our own printing operation and over 30 hyperlocal editions across three states. Our circulation is over 2 million residential mailboxes, and it grows each month with new residents and developments.


FROMNICOLE: The cost of goods, from grain to gasoline, has been increasing for the past year, and local businesses as well as nonprots are feeling the eects. Our front-page story this month looks at the local eects of ination and how it hits consumers. Our April edition also includes a guide for May 7 elections, including Shenandoah, Magnolia ISD and municipal utility districts. Visit us online on election night to see the results at Nicole Preston, GENERALMANAGER

Community Impact Newspaper teams include general managers, editors, reporters, graphic designers, sales account executives and sales support, all immersed and invested in the communities they serve. Our mission is to build communities of informed citizens and thriving businesses through the collaboration of a passionate team. Our core values are Faith, Passion, Quality, Innovation and Integrity.

FROMVANESSA: Both law enforcement and civil liberties organizations are critical of current practices to report and identify racial proling. In our second front-page story this month, we look at the data and how experts interpret it in an eort to prevent practices that could damage public trust. In another report on law enforcement (see Page 23), we talk to Shenandoah police about their eorts to track down more crime within the city limits. Vanessa Holt, SENIOREDITOR

Our purpose is to be a light for our readers, customers, partners and each other.


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Markets continue to be volatile as inflation, the Fed pivot, and global conflict all create headwinds for investors to deal with. Consumers were confronted with spiking inflation as we entered 2022, and the situation in Ukraine has only exacerbated the situation. The Fed has embarked on a mission to fight this inflation as they pivot from easy monetary policy to tightening. The challenge for investors will be to determine how markets will respond to an environment of inflation and a hawkish Federal Reserve, an environment we have not seen in decades. If you would like to hear more of our thoughts on the markets and the economy be sure to follow our daily email and periodic webcasts. All are invited. MONTHLYCOMMENTARY For our daily commentary and all disclosures, visit 10200 Grogan’s Mill Road, Suite 340 • 281-298-2700



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