The Woodlands Edition | April 2022


Get to know the candidates running in the election


How do your experiences qualify you for mayor?

The fast pace of growth and keeping up with what growth brings. The demand on our in- frastructure such as drainage, sewage, water and transitory crime. I plan to continue my wholehearted support of our Shenandoah Police Department as they have proven to be such an important part of our public safety. What do you see as the main issues facing Shenandoah?

What will your priorities be if elected as mayor? Complete the two major trac projects under nal funding approval— David Memorial Drive extension to Hwy. 242 and the Research Forest/I45 intersection— and maintain the level of nancial responsibility and transparency that has brought it under budget projections for the past four years.


Occupation: retired U.S. Customs/Depart- ment of Homeland Security Relevant experience: City Council mem- ber; commissioner, planning and zoning jescotoforshenandoah

I have served as a commissioner in our plan- ning and zoning board and a current council member. These positions have given me knowledge of Shenandoah’s needs. I have executive management experience while working as the deputy assistant director of Foreign Operations in the DHS Oce of International Aairs. I have also served in the U.S. Army Reserves where my last assign- ment was as command sergeant major of a corps support battalion. My 25-year legal career enabled me to devel- op and excel in skill sets that are needed in the mayor’s oce such as listening, leading and looking for solutions. I’ve learned from experience how to resolve conicting positions by listening to both sides and nding common ground. I’ve had key roles in successful negotiations with leaders of many types of entities, ranging from small businesses to federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Ination is o the charts. I will proactively look for ways to cut spending since ination will negatively impact budget projections and could even decrease projected sales tax reve- nues. I will focus on public safety, trac issues and how we can be more eective in ghting crime in business districts. I plan to hold two or three town halls per year and keep regular oce hours at City Hall.

Increased trac and crime, especially catalytic converter theft. With four new multifamily developments either under construction or recently completed, we will add 2,500 to 3,500 new residents, poten- tially doubling our population. I’d like to host roundtables with small-business owners and get their ideas to combat the recent spike in property theft crimes and host events to strengthen community support for [SPD].


Occupation: attorney, retired 2014 Relevant experience: advocacy skills; led ethics and compliance department 713-725-7518 Facebook: Esther Lum for Shenandoah Mayor

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