Southwest Austin - Dripping Springs Edition - October 2021

The more you feed the blob the bigger it gets becoming a monster clog causing expensive repairs, foul odors and sanitary sewer overflows! Fat, oil and grease comes from food like cooking oil, meat drippings, butter, sauces, gravy, dairy products, and even salad dressing. Help stop the Grease Blob! 6 Scrape food scraps into the trash or compost if you can 6 Collect cooking oil in a container then toss into the trash 6 Use paper towels or wipes to remove grease. DON’T FLUSH , toss them into the trash WASTEWATER AVERAGING You are in control of your wastewater costs for the next year STARTING Mid-November ENDING Mid-March Find your wastewater averaging period and start saving today! wastewater-averaging



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