Cy-Fair Edition | October 2023

Owners John and Jennifer Garrett launched Community Impact in 2005, and the company is still locally owned today with editions across Texas. Our mission is to provide trusted news and local information that everyone gets. Our vision is to build communities of informed citizens and thriving businesses through the collaboration of a passionate team. Our purpose is to be a light for our readers, customers, partners and each other by living out our core values of Faith, Passion, Quality, Innovation and Integrity. About Community Impact


Market leaders & metro team

Reporters Jovanna Aguilar Asia Armour Joe Edwards Melissa Enaje Leah Foreman Wesley Gardner Cassandra Jenkins Shaheryar Khan Rachel Leland Emily Lincke Dave Manning James T. Norman Jessica Shorten Lizzy Spangler Graphic Designers Jatziri Garcia Chad Inmon Ellen Jackson Martha Risinger La’Toya Smith Jesus Verastegui Taylor White

Kathie Snyder General Manager ksnyder@

Danica Lloyd Editor dlloyd@

Ronald Winters Copy Editors Adrian Gandara Beth Marshall Kasey Salisbury

Account Executive Rebecca Robertson Senior Managing Editor Matt Stephens Art Production Manager Breanna Flores

Jason Culpepper Publisher jculpepper@

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