Cy-Fair Edition | October 2023



Cy-Fair ISD board of trustees, Position 3

Why are you running for the Cy-Fair ISD board, and why are you the best candidate?

What are the biggest issues Cy-Fair ISD is facing? How would you address them?

I am running for school board to continue the legacy of excellence in our school district. I want to keep our student achievement top of mind as we come out of a global pandemic, retain quality teachers and keep our parents involved at all levels.

The funding formula for school districts is outdated and needs to be xed to fund our public education. … I want to explore ways to keep our teachers in CFISD and to continue to foster an environment for education, innovation and growth for our students. I [would form] a task force of teachers to hear their concerns and nd a solution.

Leslie Martone Occupation: president of the Cy-Fair Houston Chamber of Commerce Relevant experience: CFISD graduate and parent, certied in organizational management Michelle Fennick Occupation: educational consultant Relevant experience: I’ve engaged with educators, collaborated with the community and eˆectively managed large education budgets. Justin Ray Occupation: business development Relevant experience: former mayor of Jersey Village, Cy-Fair Education Foundation volunteer and school volunteer

I’m running for the Cy-Fair ISD board of trustees to leverage my 30-plus years of experience in education and budget management. As the best candidate, I’ll advocate for equity, teacher support and innovation.

Cy-Fair ISD faces challenges in teacher retention, technology integration and student safety. My plan includes mentorship programs, AI training and enhanced security measures to address these issues.

I am running to protect and preserve this great school district that my kids are currently enrolled in and that I am a proud graduate of. My years as the mayor of Jersey Village give me key insight in how to implement bold initiatives, deliberate within an elected body and work collaboratively with staˆ to provide services to a constituency.

The biggest issue Cy-Fair ISD faces is increased competition from other educational options for families. To strengthen its value proposition to district parents, CFISD needs to recommit to improved student academic outcomes, resisting the politicization of curriculum, school safety for both students and teachers, and scal responsibility.

Cy-Fair ISD board of trustees, Position 4

Why are you running for the Cy-Fair ISD board, and why are you the best candidate?

What are the biggest issues Cy-Fair ISD is facing? How would you address them?

I am running to ensure a high-quality education to all students at all our campuses, a safe and welcoming environment for students and staˆ, and a continued high-achieving, A-rated school district. Expanding on the “Opportunity for All” model that provides all students access to the same educational opportunities at every campus is how I see Cy-Fair ISD maintaining its excellence. …

(1) The need for more parental involvement in students’ education and (2) student discipline at school. I want parents to know their involvement in their child’s education is something that has always been encouraged and even codied in statute. … I would also like to incorporate more access to counseling services as a preemptive measure to decreasing the number of serious discipline issues. …

Frances Ramirez Romero Occupation: homemaker/volunteer Relevant experience: former legislative staˆer, former CFISD teacher, CFISD parent/volunteer, multiple boards and committees Christine Kalmbach Occupation: self-employed, Realtor Relevant experience: 42 years Cy- Fair resident, 26-plus years CFISD volunteer plus multiple boards, small-business owner.

I am motivated by a desire to serve my community and restore Cy-Fair ISD’s excellent education. Having attended Cy-Fair ISD schools, as well as my children, I have seen the level of education that the district is capable of and how far it has fallen. As a Realtor and 42-year resident of the area, I know what my fellow community members and parents want. …

Our district’s purpose is to prepare every student with the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to create a bright, successful future. … My top priority is improving student outcomes by returning to the basics and ensuring that teachers have the necessary resources to set our children up for success. School safety is critical for our students’ well-being and their academic success. …

Candidates were asked to keep responses under 60 words, answer the questions provided and avoid attacking opponents. Answers may have been edited or cut to adhere to those guidelines, or for style and clarity. For more election coverage, go to



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