Cy-Fair Edition | October 2023



Cy-Fair ISD board of trustees, Position 2

Why are you running for the Cy-Fair ISD board, and why are you the best candidate?

What are the biggest issues Cy-Fair ISD is facing? How would you address them?

I believe all students deserve access to an exceptional education within our local public schools. My focus is on ensuring the district ful lls its mission of educating students. My motivation is to serve … with intelligence, integrity and compassion. If I am re-elected, I will be the most senior member of the board and will use my experience to govern e„ectively and honorably.

Lack of adequate state funding, recruitment and retention of teachers, and school safety/mental health are the three biggest issues facing CFISD. All these issues impact student achievement. As a board member, I will continue advocating for public school funding, changes in legislation impacting teachers and student safety/mental health, and stronger partnerships with parents.

Julie Hinaman* Relevant experience: CFISD trustee and board vice president, former Community Leadership Committee chair, 2019 Long Range Planning Committee co-chair, CFISD volunteer www.all4c

I have been very e„ective at making positive changes in Cy-Fair ISD at the state and local level. I want to put parents in control of what is appropriate in schools. I have been doing it as a concerned mom for the last 2.5 years. See my website,, for how I protected CFISD’s children at school.

(1) Safety—Explore all options to comply with [House Bill] 3 (armed guards at schools). Continue to meet with Texas legislators inside and outside the district to help pass legislation. I was recently credited for my work showing data mining of mental health surveys to help pass [House Bill] 18. (2) Teacher Retention—I want to listen to feedback and take action to help.

Ayse Indemaio Occupation: former risk management professional, stay-at- home mom Relevant experience: bringing info to legislators, nancial reporting www.ayseindemaioforc

I am running to help refocus CFISD on the academic preparation of students. As a former CFISD board member, I strongly believe that every student should be able to read for comprehension by the end of third grade. I am a CPA and the only candidate with a nancial background. I am an Army veteran and a retiree from ExxonMobil.

The large number of students not reading on grade level, and securing adequate funding from the state to ensure school programs are resourced and sta„ed e„ectively [are the biggest issues].

George Edwards Jr. Occupation: retired CPA

Relevant experience: Army veteran; former CFISD trustee; former chair, Energy Capital Credit Union; chair, Leadership Houston Class XXI www.edwardsforc

Candidates were asked to keep responses under 60 words, answer the questions provided and avoid attacking opponents. Answers may have been edited or cut to adhere to those guidelines, or for style and clarity. For more election coverage, go to


Endorsements “Dr. Cleveland Lane, Jr is a man of impeccable academic credentials. He has worked for student achievement for over twenty years. Therefore, he is the best candidate to ensure opportunity for all CFISD students.” Dr. John D. Ogletree, Jr. former CyFair School Board Member “Dr. Lane is by far the most qualified candidate in this year’s election. Along with his proven academic record, his community service with children will guarantee op- portunity for all CFISD.” - Kevin H. Hoffman, Former CFISD Trustee Political Ad paid for by the Dr. Lane for CyFair Campaign.



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