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Zikam oers specialized over-the-counter products that can only be sold by a licensed vendor.

Zikam Pharmacy 17323 I-35 N., Ste. 100, Schertz 210-310-3132 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m.-6 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m.-2 p.m., Sun. closed progression of bacteria growth Men’s and Women’s Pure Pack: multivitamin on-the- go pack tailored for men or women; one of the top- selling products at Zikam SPECIALIZED PRODUCTS Zikam Pharmacy owner Abdhul Nassor complements his services by also selling specialized over-the-counter products found through licensed vendors. Ortho molecular products OrthoMune: immune health supplement that supports the body’s immune system to combat illness Vitamin D: 50,000 [international unit] Vitamin D3,a. megadose of Vitamin D3 taken once a week Zikam pharmacy products Maximum relief rub: 5,000 mg CBD—a chemical found in the Cannabis sativa plant— that is organically certied and contains ingredients to help with pain relief CBD tincture: broad-spectrum CBD product meant to help with sleep, anxiety and more Pure encapsulations PureDefense: supports immune function and upper respiratory health by prohibiting the


Pharmacist Abdhul Nassor opened Zikam Pharmacy in Schertz in 2019. (Photos by Jarrett Whitener/Community Impact Newspaper)

Zikam Pharmacy Full-service neighborhood pharmacy puts a focus on community P harmacist Abdhul Nassor’s goal was to Nassor said the Schertz location was slow at rst, but the COVID-19 pandemic created a need for hard- to-nd medical supplies so he focused his eort on nding them. “When the pandemic hit, we wanted to be a BY JARRETT WHITENER

bring neighborhood pharmacies back to San Antonio communities. To that end he began Zikam Pharmacy with his partner Alexander Oguamanam in 2014. “The idea was to bring back the old hometown pharmacy, where you can talk to the pharmacist whenever you want and call them whenever you need them,” Nassor said. Nassor studied at The University of Toledo in Ohio, which is where he roomed with his partner. “Alex owns the pharmacy in Bulverde,” Nassor said. “When we graduated, we made an agreement that whoever opens a pharmacy rst, the other person should join it. So that is what I did.” Nassor attributes Zikam’s success to the one-on- one service and dedication to community. “My major satisfaction of the pharmacy is our abil- ity to know our customers,” Nassor said. “We know what you are on, what you take and where your kids are going to go to college. We want to be sponsors in the community.” With the success of the original location in San Antonio, Zikam expanded in 2019 to Schertz, which is the location Nassor owns and operates.

resource for the people,” he said. “No one else could nd the masks that we had or the supplies we had. We made it a goal to be a reservoir for the commu- nity, for the local police and re department as well.” The surge in pandemic supplies shifted Zikam’s focus to personal protective equipment and COVID- 19-related products, including vaccinations. Zikam provides medicine for all, including fami- lies and pets, and oers medical equipment, such as walkers, and over-the-counter care for customers. “Any remedies you can think of, we pretty much have,” Nassor said. “We are a fully stocked phar- macy. We also do compounds, so we can make pretty much anything the doctors want us to make.” Nassor said he hopes to see Zikam expand to multiple locations across the San Antonio area. “We live in this community,” Nassor said. “We are a small business that is here for this community, and we are big enough to support people’s needs. We want to be involved in this community and provide the high-quality service that people deserve.”





Suzanne Basey, M.D. • Dr. Suzanne Basey is joining Kinder Haus Pediatrics June 2022 • Insurances Accepted: Aetna, BCBS, Christus, Cigna, Humana, PHCS, United Healthcare, Tricare Select Amy Garcia, M.D.

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