Cy-Fair Edition - May 2020

EDUCATION Cy-Fair ISDmodies grading scale for 201920, plans for the future

District administration developed a grading plan for the nal seven weeks of school, April 13-May 28. GRADING GUIDELINES



science and social studies. The nal grade for the fourth marking period will be determined by averaging six equally weighted grades. Depending on their average, students will earn a 69, 89 or 100 as the nal grade. Secondary students will receive a weekly grade for each course taken for the fourth grading period, and no nal exams will be given. Depending on the average of these weekly grades, students will earn a 69, 79, 89 or 100 as the nal grade. Dual-credit students were able to resume their Lone Star College courses in an online format April 13. June and beyond CFISD announced May 6 outdoor graduation ceremonies were resched- uled and relocated to the Cy-Fair FCU Stadium from June 1-6. Ocials previously planned to hold ceremo- nies indoors at the Berry Center in July until Abbott authorized districts to hold outdoor ceremonies as early as June 1. To promote social distancing, each graduate will be limited to four guests rather than the usual 10, and attendees will be screened for signs of COVID-19 upon entrance. Ceremo- nies will also be livestreamed. “The fact that we actually have graduations scheduled for these seniors is nothing short of a miracle I believe,” CFISD trustee Don Ryan said during the May 11 board meeting. “Their year has been turned upside down like no other graduating senior class I’ve ever seen.” Once the school year ends, district students can continue to take advan- tage of the curbside meal program through June and July. Ocials said 670,000 meals were served from March 16-May 8. Thousands of students will be able to participate in virtual summer school opportunities throughout June and July, including traditional programs and new enrichment programs oered for pre-K through high school. District ocials are in the process of determining what the 2020-21 school year might look like between continuing remote learning,

Cy-Fair ISD Superintendent Mark Henry announced April 17 that in-person classes would not resume for the remainder of the 2019-20 aca- demic year in compliance with Gov. Greg Abbott’s order issued the same day to keep schools closed statewide due to the coronavirus outbreak. “While I am disappointed that we will not be able to close out the school year in ways that we usually do, we must follow the directives issued by the governor so that we can safely come back together sometime soon,” Henry said in a statement. According to guidance from the Texas Education Agency, the in-class instructional time missed this academic year will not have to be made up at a later date as long as school districts provide evidence of instruction and student support during this time. CFISD’s Learning at Home program will continue through the end of the school year May 28. After the remote learning program launched March 23, teachers began recording grades April 13, according to the district. CFISD ocials said the modied grading plan supports students who are facing dicult situations related to the coronavirus pandemic and those who were depending on the fourth grading period to improve their overall grade-point average or earn credit for a course. “We spent a lot of time talking to our principals … about having grace here,” Chief Academic Ocer Linda Macias said during the May 11 board meeting. “We want to make sure that we are assigning grades, but that we’re also being sensitive to the situation.” The 644 students who were unreachable during the pandemic will be given the opportunity to earn a passing grade for the fourth grade period. For instance, no student at any grade level will receive a grade lower than 69 for the fourth marking period, Macias said. Elementary school students will earn one grade per week in each content area—reading, writing, math,





Guidelines: Teachers record the weekly completion of assignments in each content area, totaling six assignments in each of the four core subjects.

Guidelines: Teachers record a weekly grade in each content area based on lessons delivered remotely.



Guidelines: Teachers record a weekly grade in each course they are taking based on lessons delivered remotely.

Find the full grading guidelines at

returning to in-class learning or some combination of the two, Henry said. Considerations include health screenings, the instructional calen- dar, access to meals and resources, avoidance of large gatherings, grad- ing guideline changes and anticipated issues in each plan. Henry said although administra- tors are exploring traditional, virtual and blended instruction scenarios for 2020-21, he is optimistic about

students and sta returning in August. “We are gearing up to have busi- ness as close to usual as possible in August,” Henry said. “Kids are going to be back on campuses; teachers are going to be back on campus, and we’re going to start the 2020-21 school year o on a great foot. But … [even] though we’re expecting the best, we have to plan for the worst.”



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