Sugar Land - Missouri City Edition | September 2021

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“This is my little girl. About a year ago she had recurring ear infections and a perforated ear drum so we headed off to the local hospital to get tubes in her ears. After a 15-minute procedure we got the bill: $8,000! Then our health insurance plan said they weren’t going to pay for it because it was not “medically necessary.” We had done everything right yet when we needed health insurance they wouldn’t pay for basic healthcare needs. That is why I started CrowdHealth” Andy Schoonover, Founder

• No doctor networks, choose any doctor you want • OBGYN, Pediatrician, and Primary Care visits are covered

• Unlimited tele-health visits • No deductibles

Visit to learn how to cut your healthcare expenses.

“Healthcare desperately needs viable alternative payment approaches. I’m thrilled to see CrowdHealth leading the way.” Dr. Tanya Stewart, MD Former Chief Clinical Transformation Officer, UnitedHealth Group



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