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BUSINESS FEATURE iSaveLives Frisco resident trains others in ! rst aid response S heila Elliott started her career as a music teacher at Smith Elementary School in Frisco in and ! re ! ghter academy. She worked at Little ElmFire Department, CareFlite and Cooke County Emergency Medical Services. “A lot of people go into this ! eld when they are young; I went into it as a middle-aged woman,” Elliott said.


1997, but within 10 years, her career path went through an unpredictable transformation that led her to the health care ! eld. In 2002, she and her husband were expecting twins. They were told one of the twins, Colby, was going to be born with a severe heart defect that would require multiple open-heart surgeries. “We prayed a lot throughout the pregnancy and with every surgery that Colby faced,” Elliott said. In 2004, CareFlite " ew Colby to Houston for emergency open-heart surgery, and the professionals on that " ight recommended Elliott enter the medical ! eld. “It was then that Colby became my ‘why.’ I wanted to have the knowledge to help him and to help save other lives,” Elliott said. She completed paramedic school

In 2016, Elliott launched iSaveLives in her Frisco home. She taught three classes per week and trained about 50 people per month, o # ering CPR, automated external de ! brillator training and ! rst aid classes. In 2019, due to business growth, she moved her business to a retail space on Preston Road and then to its location on Lebanon Road inMay. The space holds six classes per week and trains over 250 people, on average, per month. Elliott said their most popular class is Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Provider. This class covers CPR/AED and choking for adults and children. “Anyone can take this class,” she said.

On May 31, healthcare providers participated in a Basic Life Support class. At iSaveLives, they use high- ! delity manikins to help people understand CPR.


ISAVELIVES 9555 Lebanon, Ste. 304, Frisco 469-964-0135 Hours: Mon.- Fri. 8 a.m.-6 p.m., Sat. 8 a.m.-3 p.m., Sunday schedules vary


Sheila Elliott, left, owns iSaveLives, and paramedic Amy Tillman is an instructor.


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