Frisco June 2021

Proudly serving the community for over eight years.

“BEST Dentist experience ever! If you don’t like the Dentist like myself, go here and you will change your mind. Very HTKGPFN[UVCǢCPFUWRGTDFGPVKUVƺ James A.

“My dental appointment was very good, had to have a crown put on and the end result was great. The dentist and his UVCǢCTGCOC\KPICNYC[UXGT[HTKGPFN[CPFJGNRHWN+JKIJN[ TGEQOOGPFVJGOHQTCP[QH[QWTFGPVCNPGGFUƺ Ginger L.

“Was looking for a new dentist and was fortunate they reopened when I lost a crown and needed KVRWVDCEMQP6JG[YGTGCDNGVQIGVOGKPTKIJV CYC[CPF+YCUXGT[KORTGUUGFYKVJDQVJ.KPFUG[ CPF&T9CNMKPIVQP.QXGVJGHCEVVJG[CTGC small practice and have such a close personal interaction with their patients. The level of care is QWVUVCPFKPI9KNNDGWUKPI&T9CNMKPIVQPCUQWT HCOKN[FGPVKUVHTQOPQYQPƺ David S.

Kyle Walkington, DDS

FRISCO 7447 Hillcrest Road Ste. 106 Frisco, TX 75035

PROSPER 2111 East University Drive Ste. 20 Prosper, TX 75078

E 1st St.

Main St.



E University Dr.

Rolater Rd.



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