Southwest Austin - Dripping Springs Edition - February 2021


Landscape Rebates „ Replace healthy turf grass with native plant beds and qualify for up to $1,750 in rebates. „ Using a combination of mulch ( $40 rebate ), compost ( $50 rebate ) and core aeration ( $30 rebate ) ensures water stays on your yard and saves you $120 . Laundry to Landscape Rebate „ $150 rebate to help you buy equipment to reuse laundry graywater (wastewater from bathroom sinks, showers/bathtubs, and clothes washers/ laundry tubs) for watering your landscape. „ Look for EPA’s ENERGY STAR ® or WaterSense ® label when buying new water use appliances or plumbing fixtures. It’s good for your finances and the environment. Irrigation Upgrades „ Receive up to $1,000 in rebates for upgrading your existing irrigation system. „ Rebate of up to $40 for a water timer that gives you more control over hose- end watering.

Rainscape Installation „ Residents and schools can install landscape features (berms, terraces, swales, rain gardens, porous pavement, etc.) to keep and beneficially use rainwater while saving $.30 for every square foot (100 sq. ft. minimum) converted, up to $500 per property. Rainwater Harvesting „ Get a maximum rebate of $5,000 or 50% of the equipment cost, whichever is less, on non-pressurized systems ($0.50 per gallon capacity) or pressurized systems ($1.00 per gallon capacity).



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