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Adapting services In early 2020, Community Lifeline Center created a grocery takeout pro- gram due to COVID-19 restricting the ability to safely gather inside build- ings, Micheletto said. To-go sacks of supplies for smaller families and boxes for larger fami- lies are given to clients at the front door of Community Lifeline Center. Outside food distributions every weekend are a “safer” way to give to residents in need during the pan- demic, Micheletto said. Prior to the takeout program, Com- munity Lifeline Center let clients enter the building and browse the food and supply pantry. Micheletto said changes to the nonprofit’s char- ity model have kept the organiza- tion’s volunteer base steady and have also expanded its reach. “We’ve increased our volume [of] distributing food and helping peo- ple,” she said. “We haven’t seen any problems in volunteering.” Court Appointed Special Advocates of Collin County also made adjust- ments because of the pandemic. CASA celebrated its 30th anniver- sary of helping survivors of child abuse or neglect navigate the legal system by holding an in-person gala in October that was attended by about 350 people. Executive Direc- tor Tricia Clifton said that was a very different event from the virtual 2020 gala. “Sponsorships and [funds raised] went directly back to our pro- gram because our expenses were decreased tremendously because we didn’t have an in-person event,” she said. Clifton said CASA switched much of its training and volunteer oppor- tunities to online, which helped keep the agency from losing any of its

1,966 1,434 1,248 1,070 1,364

Volunteer McKinney helps match volunteers with the needs of more than 200 North Texas nonprofits. The number of new volunteers who registered with the organization rose by more than 91% from 2020 to 2021. Volunteer responses track how many people responded to a need. A person may be counted multiple times. NOTE: VOLUNTEER MCKINNEY EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR CHRISTINE ORTEGA SAID MOST NONPROFITS KEEP SEPARATE VOLUNTEER HOUR RECORDS OUTSIDE OF HER ORGANIZATION.

Total registered volunteers as of February: 9,621


breaking the record

Preliminary numbers from North Texas Giving Day 2021 show a new record for donations for the more than 3,300 participating organizations. The annual event, which was held Sept. 23, also garnered nearly 23,000 pledged volunteers.


$80M $70M $60M $50M $40M $30M $20M $10M $0

$4MILLION 345 for nonprofits from 6,500 donors

$66MILLION 3,366 for nonprofits from 103,000 donors

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volunteer advocates. “We knew that it was incredibly important to make sure that we still maintained a big enough volunteer pool that we were able to continue serving 100% of the children that come into the foster care system in Collin County,” Clifton said. Meals onWheels Collin County has had a different experience recruiting volunteers. Marketing and Communications Manager Monique Gutierrez said the organization is urgently seeking vol- unteer drivers to deliver meals in the more rural areas of the county, such as Princeton, Farmersville and Wylie. Gutierrez added that every staff

number of volunteers. According to the 2020 U.S. Census, the population in McKinney is 195,308, which is a nearly 50% increase from 2010. “With growing needs come vol- unteers,” Ortega said. “I think it’s a natural progression just based off of people moving here.” Services offered by nonprofits are expanding in line with population growth, according to Ortega. For instance, Ortega said she expects warming shelters throughout the region to “double or triple” in num- ber because of a higher number of people in need. “We’re still navigating these uncharted waters in a lot of ways, but

member is also cross-trained on meal delivery to ensure timely service. “It is imperative that our meals go out to our seniors,” Gutierrez said. “For some, this is the only nutrition and interaction that they receive, so this is one way we can ensure meals are delivered.” A positive correlation Christine Ortega, executive director of Volunteer McKinney, works with more than 200 nonprofits throughout the region matching volunteers with specific needs of nonprofits. Ortega said a rising population in McKinney and the Dallas-Fort Worth region is contributing to a higher

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