Cy-Fair Edition | November 2020

Nonprofits AND COVID19

A survey administered by United Ways of Texas and OneStar Foundation to all Texas nonprots in late March through May received 457 responses noting the eects of COVID-19 on nonprot organizations across the state. SOURCE: “THE IMPACT OF COVID19 ON TEXAS NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS” AUGUST 2020 BY UNITED WAYS OF TEXAS AND ONESTAR FOUNDATIONCOMMUNITY IMPACT NEWSPAPER

food distribution, working in the food pantry, picking up donations from community grocery stores, assisting in registering clients by trans- lating in Spanish and Vietnamese 7520 Cherry Park Drive, Ste. B, Houston 2818581222 1 1 1 10 CYPRESS ASSISTANCE MINISTRIES The organization is dedicated to assisting individuals and families in nancial crisis. Sample activities: helping in the food pantry, assistance oce, resale shop, donation center and community outreach programs; serving as a food pickup driver, job counselor, or GED or English as a second language instructor 11202 Humeister Road, Houston 2819557684 1 1 1 11 SHIELD BEARER The nonprot oers professional counseling for individuals, couples, families and children as well as prevention services through parenting workshops, school services and faith-based programs. Sample activities: helping transfer donation

items and supplies between oces; coor- dinating events and help in the oces with mail-outs, data entry and data organization, among other tasks 12340 Jones Road, Ste. 290, Houston 2818947222 1 1 1 1 HELP THOSEWITH The nonprot provides support services for people with learning or developmental disabilities. Sample activities: assisting in classrooms at the Learning Activity Center; providing or sponsoring a craft or activity session; assisting or sponsoring special events; clerical duties; volunteering in the gift shop; adopting a group home by sponsoringmonthly game night, pic- nic, movie night or pizza night for the residents of one of 23 groups homes 11832 Mueller Cemetery Road, Cypress 2812138323 1 1 1 1 SPECIAL NEEDS 12 REACH UNLIMITED

of respondents reported experiencing increased or sustained sta and volunteer absences this spring. 40% of respondents reported experiencing or anticipating increased demand for services/support. 62% of respondents reported experiencing or anticipating reduced revenue due to cancellation of programs or events. 82% of respondents reported having six months or less of cash reserves available. 72% of respondents estimated with no signicant additional investment they would be operational for six months or less. 55%



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