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CITY HIGHLIGHTS COLLINCOUNTY Collin County commissioners voted unanimously Oct. 5 to increase the budget for the court’s Collin CARES Small Business Grant Program up to more than $26 million through CARES Act funds originally distributed to Frisco, McKinney, Allen and Plano for housing assistance. The previous $30 million budget for the county’s housing assistance program was also reduced to $18.4 million Oct. 5. Businesses could apply for the grants through Sept. 25, and as of Sept. 30, applicants had requested more than $20 million. The city of Plano is returning $3.5 million. Plano City Council Meets at 7 p.m. on the second and fourth Mondays of the month. Meetings are held at 1520 K Ave., Plano, and can be streamed at Agendas are available at the city website. MEETINGSWE COVER Plano ISD board of trustees Meets at 6 p.m. Oct. 20 and Nov. 4 in the Administration Building’s Board Room at 2700 W. 15th St., Plano. 469-752-8100.

Decision on backyard chickens inPlano delayed until next year

MORE HARMTHAN GOOD? Neighboring cities Frisco, Richard- son, Carrollton, Allen and Murphy allow hens in non-agricultural spaces with a range of regulations and fees. Council members agreed to delay any decision until next year, largely due to the budgetary impact of the pandemic.


keeping of chickens from Plano residents, which would place any at-large animals in the city’s hands, according to Cantrell. Other options that surfaced during a June council discussion, such as using the specific permit process or getting neighbor approval to decide who can house hens on smaller properties, were not recommended by city staff. With approval from the city to house hens, the number of captured chickens and owner surrenders would likely go up, Cantrell said. Not responding to citizen complaints or refusing surrendered chickens could lead to feral chicken flocks or property damage, he said. Instead, staff recommended leaving the livestock ordinance as is for the time being, which allows for livestock on land that is 1.95 acres or more and zoned for agriculture or estate development.

PLANO A decision on whether owning backyard chickens will be allowed in Plano has been delayed until next budget season, June 2021. The push to delay any further action on an ordinance for hens on non-agricultural land stems from a staff funding request to hire an additional animal services officer and to purchase a city holding coop if backyard chickens were given the green light. Staff is already strained in the animal services department, Director Jamey Cantrell said during a Sept. 28 council meeting, and chicken captures take much more work than do those of typical domesticated animals. This is due to chickens’ ability to fly and their unresponsiveness to human calls, he said. Collin County has also said that it cannot help with the capture or

City staff is weighing the pros and cons of allowing backyard chickens.

Animal services captured 10 CHICKENS

If backyard chickens become legal, staff said, those numbers could double. 7 OWNER SURRENDERS in fiscal year 2018-19. and took in


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