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PEOPLE Trent Fulin CEO and senior vice president of Houston Methodist Cypress Hospital



Trent Fulin is the senior vice president and CEO of Houston Methodist Cypress Hospital and has more than 12 years of experience in health care admin- istration. The new hospital broke ground in February 2022 and will consist of a seven-story hospital and two six-story medical oce buildings. Prior to this role, Fulin was part of the leadership team that helped develop and open Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital in June 2017, where he oversaw hospital operations and managed departmental leadership. This interview has been edited for length and clarity. HOW DID YOU GET INTO THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY?

Construction is ramping up on the Houston Methodist Cypress Hospital campus o Hwy. 290. COURTESY HOUSTON METHODIST

unparalleled safety, quality service and excellence in everything we do. WHAT IS YOUR FOCUS LEADING UP TO THE NEW HOSPITAL’S OPENING? A lot of what I’m doing right now is promoting who we are as an organization. We’re excited to be able to continue to expand our presence in this community. For many years, we’ve oered primary care and spe- cialist care, and we have a free-stand- ing emergency center. We also have a breast cancer treatment and rehab center. ... So we’re excited to meet the demand that the community has expanded access to high-quality health care and feel fortunate to be able to create jobs in the fantastic community of Cypress. WHAT DOES RECRUITMENT LOOK LIKE? As we are working throughout this year, and then in 2024, we’ll be hiring the team as we are currently in the process of hiring some of the key leadership folks. But when we open this hospital in 2025, we will create

A HEALTH CARE HUB Houston Methodist is bringing a new hospital to the Cypress community. Projected opening date: rst quarter 2025 Location: 24500 Hwy. 290, Cypress

I kind of grew up moving around, so I was always the new kid growing up. My father worked for an inter- national oil company. We moved every two to three years overseas as a young child. We lived in the Middle East and Mexico, but I call Texas and particularly Houston home because I had the opportunity to live here in between some of the other places. I went to Penn State, and I studied biology and health policy administra- tion there. And that’s where I found my calling in hospital administration. I ended up losing my two grandfa- thers while I was in college, so it was a time for me that made me decide that a career in hospital administra- tion was what I wanted to do. So I went on and studied at Texas Tech University, where I earned a [Master of Business Administration] in health organization management, and the rest is history. It’s been seven years now with Houston Methodist, and I feel fortu- nate. It’s a wonderful organization, and we’re committed to bringing

J A R V I S R D .

Project size : 105 acres Beds at opening: 200 Planned beds: 500 New jobs at opening: 500



close to 500 new jobs in the commu- nity. So we’re really excited about that job creation. Just to give you kind of a feel, when we opened up The Woodlands hospital, we opened it up [with] right around 500 total employees, and today, it has over 2,000 employees. WHAT NEW TECHNOLOGIES WILL BE INCORPORATED INTO THE NEW HOSPITAL? We have a whole department of innovation that we created several years back, and it’s a group of passionate individuals that want to

change the way that we care for our patients and want to innovate and make things better. So every day, every week we meet and we talk about how we can really create that smart hospital of the future and what are those types of technologies that are going to make a dierence and improve the safety, improve the quality and the overall experience when you’re a patient at Houston Methodist. We will utilize AI technology, natural language processing and ambient technology in our patient rooms. It’s an exciting time to be in health care.



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