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QUOTEOFNOTE “THE ENTIRE STATE OF TEXAS IS IN ABINDDUE TO THE NUMBEROF ARRESTS THAT ARE BEINGMADE.” MAJOR BILL JENNINGS, JAIL ADMINISTRATOR FOR COMAL COUNTY, IN REGARDS TO AN AGREEMENT FOR THE COMAL COUNTY JAIL TO HOUSE INMATES FROM BELL COUNTY NUMBER TOKNOW $140,000 HIGHLIGHTS COMAL COUNTY Commissioners approved the 12th change order for the Comal County Landa/ Annex Building Renovation project during a June 17 meeting. The $134,003 change order will add cabinetry, relocate a control panel and add several doors. As a result of unforeseen changes, the completion date for the project was moved from July 12 to July 22. NEWBRAUNFELS The city New Braunfels City Council approved the Economic Development Corp.’s expenditure to renew the Spark Small Business Center’s contract with the University of Texas at San Antonio. Spark provides free counseling, business planning and training services to business owners and entrepreneurs. The expense will provide funding for the program through early 2022. New Braunfels City Council Meets second and fourth Mondays at 6 p.m. at 550 Landa St., New Braunfels. 830-221-4000 Comal County Meets Thursdays at 8:30 a.m. at 100 Main Plaza, second oor, New Braunfels. 830-221-1100 MEETINGSWE COVER announced June 21 its April sales tax revenues increased 43.3% compared to April 2020. The city received $1.09 million in sales tax collections in April 2021. Chief Financial Ocer Jared Werner said sales tax revenues are up 16% since the start of the scal year in October.

One rezoningdies, another approvedbyCityCouncil

REZONING DIVISION Several proposals to rezone property within the city limits to allow for multifamily housing projects have been met with citizen concerns about crowding.

Final designofDry Comal Creek trail portionunderway NEWBRAUNFELS City Council approved a $375,000 agreement with San Antonio-based civil engi- neering rm Bain Medina Bain Inc. during the June 14 meeting for the nal design of a portion of the Dry Comal Creek Hike and Bike Trail. Bain Medina Bain will complete plans, specications and estimates for a 1-mile portion of the trail that will begin at Walnut Avenue and end at Elizabeth Street. The trail will be the rst section of the pro- posed Dry Comal Creek Greenway to be constructed. Preliminary designs for the project were completed by the city in 2018. Once complete, the trail will connect area neighborhoods with existing trails, local business centers, destinations and future trails. nonresidential development died as no council member made a motion. Board members for the adjacent homeowners association of the Ridgemont neighborhood conducted a survey of residents. The survey garnered 70 responses, all of which expressed opposition to the site being rezoned to MUB High Intensity NEWBRAUNFELS Plans for the development of one property in the city moved forward June 14 after City Council approved the rezoning of 48 acres but halted the proposed rezoning of another property. Council gave nal approval to rezone 48 acres of land located in the 2200 block of FM 1102 to a high-inten- sity mixed-use district. The property is nearby future employment and market centers and is located along a transitional mixed-use corridor. However, the rst reading on a rezoning request to a special-use permit to 49.5 acres of land located at the located at 614 and 720 W. Zipp Road for a mix of residential and City ocials submitted the proj- ect to the Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization to receive

Mixed Use and the inclusion of an apartment complex, said Glen Young, homeowners association board member and resident. “We’ve been given very little infor- mation about what the developer plans to build there, which is very concerning to us,” resident Jamie Young said. In late May, residents of Ridgemont met with HMT Engineering & Sur- veying, the developer for the project, and voiced concerns about bringing commercial and high-density devel- opment to the area. The developer’s plan takes into account the city’s plans to expanding South Walnut through the property to connect fromWest Klein and West Zipp roads. HMT President and CEO Thor Thornhill said the road expansion through the property limits the owner’s options. Because the motion failed, the property owner will not be permitted to submit a new rezoning request for one year.

2200 BLOCK OF FM 1101




Council approved rezoning 48 acres from a M-1A Light Industrial District to a MU-B High Intensity Mixed Use District.

614 AND 720 W. ZIPP ROAD



A motion to rezone 49.5 acres died after the reading during the City Council meeting.


County sets up rst mental health court COMAL COUNTY Commissioners approved June 24 to form the Comal County Mental Health Court. Creating the court comes after local organizations, law enforcement agencies and political entities spoke in favor of establishing the program. The mental health court, under Comal County Court at Law 3, will hear criminal and civil cases, Comal County Court at Law 3 Judge Deborah Linnartz Wigington said. For criminal cases, the court will establish a voluntary ve-phase program for adults charged with a misdemeanor and diagnosed with mental illness, with the goal of diverting mentally impaired oend- ers from the criminal justice system, Wigington said. The court will also establish a program to assist adults suering mental illness who do not have associated criminal charges. “We will be on kind of the cutting edge of mental health in providing this civil track,” Wigington said at the June 24 meeting.


Once complete, the Dry Comal Creek Hike and Bike Trail will connect neighborhoods, local destinations and existing trails.


Dry Comal Creek Hike and Bike Trail




funding through the Transporta- tion Improvement Program. If AAMPO awards funding for the project, the city would be responsi- ble to pay for 20% of construction costs as well as the right of way and easement acquisition, totaling about $560,000. The total project cost is estimated to be $2.9 million. Guadalupe County Meets Tuesdays at 10 a.m. at 101 E. Court St., Seguin. 830-303-8869



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