Frisco January 2022

Jenny Fuller leads a yoga class in the heated infrared roomat Karma Fitness Studio.

YOGA ROULETTE Karma Fitness Studio oers an array of specialized yoga classes suited for dierent tness levels. • SHRED: High-intensity interval training engages the entire body for an intense workout. • BURN: Bosu balls and resistance bands are used to train core strength and balance. • POWER: Varying sequences are meant to keep the body guessing. • TONE: Full body strength is paired with smaller, isolated contractions to exercise both large and small muscles in participants of all tness levels. • SURRENDER: Slow yoga ow, challenging standing balances and long stretches are complemented with meditation. • REVIVE & RESTORE: HIIT, exibility training and meditation combine elements of other classes into one.

Jenny Fuller is the owner of Karma Fitness Studio. (Photos by Matt Payne/ Community Impact Newspaper)


Karma Fitness Studio Local business brings good vibes to downtown Frisco J enny Fuller was immediately hooked on yoga. BY STEPHEN HUNT

ooring, she said. “You can jump on it,” Fuller said. “Most yoga studios are wood ooring, so wrists are hurting, everything is hurting. This was a big cost, but I wanted that.” Karma’s most popular classes are its 6 a.m. oerings. Shred is strength-focused HIIT class that engages the entire body, while Power Shred combines yoga and functional strength training. Clients of Karma Fitness have several yoga courses to choose from, including meditation-focused sessions. The yoga studio also oers its members a mobile app to see available classes and add them to their schedules. Fuller said she is grateful for the studio’s early success, especially considering its growth has come fromword of mouth and social media. “The No. 1 reason I opened Karma was to impact people,” Fuller said. “It’s everybody in this community building everybody up. That’s why the vibe here is positive and uplifting. It’s everybody coming together and doing what they love.”

Despite no previous interest in itness, after taking her irst yoga class she asked her instruc- tor how to do what she does. Following 200 hours of learning, Fuller earned her certiication. “It changedmy life. I went all in. I was working at 14 dierent locations teaching and bringing my babies every- where withme,” Fuller said. After seven years of teaching, she was working at a Frisco yoga studio when COVID-19 hit inMarch 2020. After the studio shut down, she knew she was ready to open her own specially designed yoga studio. On Feb. 1, ignoring doubts from those closest to her, she opened Karma Fitness Studio at 6990Main St. in down- town Frisco. It oers infrared yoga, high-intensity interval training and sculpting classes. “You’ll never nd an infrared [yoga room] and a tness studio under the same roof,” Fuller said. Another selling point is the studio’s mixedmartial arts


KARMAFITNESS STUDIO 6990 Main St., Frisco 469-604-8855 Hours: Mon-Sat. 6 a.m.-6 p.m., Sun. 8 a.m.-1:30 p.m.



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