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WHERE ARE THE TO-DO LIST AND THE IMPACTS? FROM THE MANAGING EDITOR: Most Coppell, Valley Ranch and Las Colinas events have been canceled as part of government shelter-in-place orders to combat the spread of the coronavirus. In addition, we believe that our listings of locally owned restaurants that are still open and offering takeout or delivery will be more valuable to readers than our typical Impacts.

PUBLISHERS AND FOUNDERS John and Jennifer Garrett PUBLISHER-DFWMETRO Christal Howard GENERAL MANAGER Ana Erwin, EDITORIAL EXECUTIVE EDITOR Joe Lanane MANAGING EDITOR Valerie Wigglesworth EDITOR Gavin Pugh COPY CHIEF Andy Comer COPY EDITORS Ben Dickerson, Kasey Salisbury STAFFWRITERS Anna Herod, Daniel Houston, Ali Linan, Olivia Lueckemeyer, Elizabeth Uclés ADVERTISING SALES DIRECTOR Tess Coverman ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Stephanie Burnett DESIGN CREATIVE DIRECTOR Derek Sullivan ART PRODUCTIONMANAGER Aubrey Galloway ASSOCIATE ART PRODUCTIONMANAGER Breanna Flores BUSINESS GROUP PUBLISHER Traci Rodriguez CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Claire Love ABOUT US John and Jennifer Garrett began Community Impact Newspaper in 2005 in Pflugerville, Texas. The company’s mission is to build communities of informed citizens and thriving businesses through the collaboration of a passionate team. GRAPHIC DESIGNER Tobi Carter STAFF DESIGNERS Chelsea Peters

FROMANA: I don’t think anyone could have imagined just how drastically our world would be affected by COVID-19. Yet here we are, social distancing, working remotely, navigating e-learning and more, all while doing our best to keep our families safe and our businesses running during these uncertain times. The timing of COVID-19 has been a challenging one for us at Community Impact Newspaper. Having just launched our Coppell - Valley Ranch - Las Colinas edition six months ago, this

type of challenge is one we have never faced before as a company. We have spent more hours than ever covering new stories at, informing you about important decisions taking place in our county and sharing stories of local business owners who are doing everything they can to save their life’s work. We have done this the way we have always covered news—with only the facts; only what is most useful to our readers. However, we face the same challenge as the people and businesses on which we have been reporting. We, too, are a family business. We are fully funded by local advertisers who have made it possible for you to receive a free copy of our newspaper every month. The weight of the economic impact this virus has had across our cities and our nation is one we are feeling too. This is why we have made the tough decision to pause printing of this edition of our newspaper for the next several months while we wait for businesses to reopen and for life to go back to normal, or, at least, as normal as the new normal will be. But this is not goodbye forever. It is merely a “see you later.” We will be back to printing and bringing you local news again this October. So mark your calendars for a few months from now—or don’t, and be pleasantly surprised when you check your mail in the future. I can’t say enough how much we have loved covering the news in Coppell, Valley Ranch and Las Colinas, and we have so greatly enjoyed getting to know and work with the local business community and chambers of commerce. We believe this is an area where we need to be, and we believe in the importance of local community journalism. We look forward to our future here. All my best and see you later, Ana Erwin, GENERALMANAGER

Valerie Wigglesworth, MANAGING EDITOR



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FROMGAVIN: When we launched this paper in October, we began with the goal to inform Coppell, Valley Ranch and Las Colinas residents on the news that actually mattered in their backyards. We’ve delivered deep-dive stories covering Irving’s plans for its 1,000-acre diamond interchange project; the construction of Coppell’s new art center; city and school government news and so much more. In this issue, you will find the same depth of coverage on how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting your community. I look forward to continuing to report on the news of Coppell, Valley Ranch and Las Colinas soon. Thank you for reading the paper.

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