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Local animal shelters adapt for COVID19

NONPROFIT SHELTERS IN NEED OF SUPPLIES Those who are not looking to adopt a pet can still help these two local animal shelters.

ADOPTIONS OVER TIME Based on data from Jan. 1-June 30, Texas Humane Heroes is on track to surpass its number of total adoptions in 2019.

2019: 3,113 adoptions

CENTRAL TEXAS SPCA 909 S. Bagdad Road, Leander 512-260-7722 www.centraltexasspca.org *Appointment-only visits How to help: • Donate cleaning supplies (household cleaners, bleach, etc.) • Donate money

2020: 2,017 adoptions (Jan.-June)


Cats make up 40% of Texas Humane Heroes’ adoptions. (Courtesy Texas Humane Heroes)

Leander animal shelters see record pet adoptions, adjust practices for COVID19

limited visitors, plexiglass additions and updated patio furniture for outdoor adoptions. McFerrin said changing proce- dures has been a big adjustment. “But I think we’ve kinda got it. We’re in a happy place right now. We’re grooving,” she said. After seeing a photo of a puppy on THH’s social media, Candice Roy knew she found her new dog. “I scrolled past his picture, and I was like ‘Holey moley, my dog is here again,’” she said. Roy, a Leander resident, adopted Hank in early May after one of her dogs passed away in February. Roy said she rst looked at breed rescues, but many were closed during the pandemic. So she turned to local shelters like THH. Adopting during a pandemic brought benets and challenges to the adoption. Roy is able to spend more time with Hank at home, but Hank is not able to learn to socialize. “As far as getting to meet other puppies, that was very challenging,” she said.

changes every single day,” she said. In March, Central Texas SPCA closed its doors to public visitors, placed cats into foster homes and made appointments for dogs to meet potential adopters outside the building. With owners spending more time at home, Nemec suggests that owners train the dog or cat to be alone. “It would be just very shocking if all of a sudden you were at home with them 24 hours a day, and then they’re gone for eight hours.” Some increased adoptions at THH are due to other regional shelters closing or limiting adoptions. McFer- rin said lines formed outside the shelter on occassion. The shelter has also had increased demand on its low-cost clinic days as people seek aordable pet services. The shelter adapted its building to keep sta and visitors safe with



Two Leander shelters have adjusted their practices to rescue and nd homes for cats and dogs in a pandemic. Central Texas SPCA has continued nding homes for its rescued animals. Shelter Manager Stacy Nemec said the shelter found homes for 75 dogs and 31 cats between Jan. 1-June 30. Though Central Texas SPCA is not breaking its record, they are on par with regular adoption numbers despite changes in daily adoption practices. At Texas Humane Heroes, however, the nonprot animal shelter is on track to break its 2019 adoption record with 2,017 adoptions through the rst six months of 2020. Teryl McFerrin, THH’s director of development, said 2020 has been busy at the Leander shelter. “In this world of animal rescue, it

TEXAS HUMANE HEROES 10930 E. Crystal Falls Parkway, Leander 512-260-3602 https://humaneheroes.org *Closed Mondays How to help: • Take your pet to shelter service days • Donate items from the shelter’s Amazon wishlist • Donate pet items to the Leander center’s donation shed • Donate money




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