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Keller voters broadly approve sales tax for road projects

With all vote centers reporting, unofficial results show Keller residents voted to reapprove a proposi- tion that provides funds for city road projects. With approval, one-fourth of a cent of the city’s sales tax will continue to provide revenue for the maintenance and repair of the city’s streets. The tax allocation is required by law to appear before voters every four years. Unofficial results show 4,429 votes in support of the tax and 859 votes against, or 83.76% in support and 16.24% against, respectively. Explained Rachel Reynolds, communication and public engagement manager for the city of Keller, said the sales tax revenue allocation is expected to generate approximately $2.36 million this fiscal year. The means roughly $9.5 million will be generated over a four-year timespan. For additional context, she said street maintenance is one of three sales and use tax allocations in Keller:

• Quarter-cent for street maintenance, which must be reauthorized every four years • Quarter-cent for the Crime Control & Prevention District, which was reauthorized in 2021 for another 15 years • Half-cent for the Keller Development Corpora- tion, specifically for parks and recreation capital projects, which was approved in 1992 and does not have to be reauthorized In addition to those allocations, 1 cent goes to the general fund. What else? In early voting, there were more than 62,100 bal- lots cast countywide—about 5% of Tarrant County’s more than 1.2 million registered voters. What they’re saying Keller Mayor Armin Mizani said the sales tax ded- ication was first approved as a one-eighth of a cent

Results breakdown



Proposition A

The proposition asked if the city of Keller should contin- ue its one-fourth of a cent sales tax dedicated to street maintenance.

83.76% 16.24%


dedication in 2003, and increased to a one-fourth of a cent in 2007 with voter approval. “The re-authorization means nonresidents will help pay for our roads,” he said in an email. “Otherwise the burden would have fallen on Keller taxpayers solely.” Visit tion-results to see more election results.



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