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In its 25 years, Sun City adds nearly 8,500newhomes, 15,700 residents

Located in northwest Georgetown, Sun City is an active living community for residents age 55 and older.


& Historic Planner Britin Bostick said the company had the foresight to bring the community to the outskirts of town before the Austin boom. “[Del Webb] built the community in Georgetown at a time in Texas that Austin was in very early stages of get- ting cool,” she said. “Williams Drive did not have all that development; it was literally out in the country.” History of Sun City Sun City rst came to be in the 1960s, getting a start in Arizona and California, before coming to Georgetown. Sun City Texas, rst named Sun City Georgetown, started when Del Webb purchased approximately 7,000 acres of land in the western part of Georgetown, Sun City Executive Director Jim Romine said. As of March 2021, 4,750 acres of the total have been developed, said

Sun City’s population was 4% compared to Georgetown in 1996. Sun City’s population was 20% compared to Georgetown in 2020.

In 25 years, Sun City has ingrained itself in the Georgetown community, becoming a major contributor to the city’s growth. In 1996, the neighborhood accounted for 4% of the city’s total population. In 2020, it jumped to represent 20% of the city’s total population, according to city demo- graphic numbers. Located in northwest Georgetown, Sun City is an active living commu- nity for residents age 55 years and older. The community, which opened in 1996, rst oered 522 homes and had 940 residents. By 2021, that grew to 8,488 homes and 15,700 residents, data shows. That is a growth of more than 1,520% for both homes and residents. Developed by Del Webb—founder of the rst Sun City in Phoenix, Ari- zona—city of Georgetown Downtown

SOURCE: SUN CITYCOMMUNITY IMPACT NEWSPAPER Del Webb is the developer of Sun City. (Courtesy Hunter Pontious)

Stephen Ashlock, vice president of land development at Pulte Group, the national brand of Del Webb. In 1995, City Council approved a plan in February for the develop- ment, and by May the project broke ground with construction of the rst model homes beginning in October, Romine said. By spring 1996, the rst Sun City residents moved in. Today, Romine said Sun City has become what Del Webb initially

envisioned back in the 1990s: quality retirement homes with planned communities, providing active adult lifestyles for people over 55 years old. “Sun City is a hallmark example of blending natural surroundings and community,” he said. “Georgetown, with its rolling hills, live oaks, lakes and creeks, and its location at the gateway to the renowned Texas Hill Country, is the perfect location for a Sun City.”

Leander Taekwondo America


Bobby Lacy grew up in the world of taekwondo, practicing the martial art since he was 10 years old. His parents owned a studio in Virginia before moving to Texas, where they owned two others. In February 2020, Lacy decided to open a studio of his own, emphasiz- ing the importance of setting goals and achieving them. “We try to tackle goals, whether it’s just developing condence, feel- ing good in your body [or] feeling good when you’re out in public,” Lacy said. Leander Taekwondo America oers classes for kids, teens and adults. With the young kids, Lacy said classes focus on information retention. For older kids and teens, the curriculum builds the sport’s foundational skills as well as prepares students for competitions, Lacy said.

Owner Bobby Lacy has been practicing taekwondo since he was 10 years old.

Jason Tetlak was chosen to design and paint the new Georgetown Animal Shelter mural.



Newmural outside animal shelter celebrates pets, second chances

Leander Taekwondo America 901 Crystal Falls Parkway, Ste. 207, Leander 512-575-3319 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 3:30-8 p.m., closed Sat.-Sun.

Board, a news release said. Tetlak has designed and painted murals all over the country and is a winner of the Guinness World Record for largest 3-D/anaglyph painting, the release said. “I have seen rst-hand how these types of projects can bring about positive change, and how public art can draw attention to a business or location,” Tetlak said in the release.


A new mural is on display outside the Georgetown Animal Shelter, located at 110 W.L. Walden Drive, Georgetown. The mural, “Making a Dierence One Pet at a Time,” is designed and painted by Jason Tetlak of Jackson- ville, Florida, who was selected by the Georgetown Animal Shelter and the Georgetown Arts and Culture





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