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DINING FEATURE 3rd Coast BBQ &Catering


Drinks ($1-$2)

Sandwiches ($9)

Sandwiches are topped with one choice of smoked meat with additional meat available ($5).

Gulf Coast-inspired eatery grows with opening of brick-and-mortar location T roy and Dee Dee Mulligan, the co-owners of 3rd Coast BBQ & Catering, opened a physical location of the eatery this year in Spring after several years as a side project and then as a local catering service for The Woodlands area. “I started the catering business about four years ago or so when I was working for an oil and gas service company. Things slowed down at the time, so we started the catering deal, and it just kind of grew from there,” Troy said. “I left my job at the end of 2018 to do this full time.” Since its March launch, 3rd Coast has continued providing catering options for small groups to 400- to 500-person events, in addition to in-person service. Troy said his expe- rience with barbecue cooking and competition helped shape the restaurant’s menu. The smoked meats and side dishes are prepared in 3rd Coast’s full-size commercial kitchen and wood-re barbecue pit. “We’ve always had crawsh and Louisiana gumbo, jamba- laya, etouee, stu like that, and that’s kind of where the 3rd Coast name came from originally,” he said. “The third coast is the Gulf Coast, so we try to encompass stu from Louisiana and all over the Gulf Coast into dierent dishes.” 3rd Coast’s smoked oerings range from traditional Texan brisket featuring natural, prime-grade Black Angus cuts to Cajun-style boudin and spicy chili pepper-infused sausage links. Meats are served with Mulligan’s housemade rubs and can be purchased by weight or on sandwiches. The restaurant also oers its signature Twisted Tray, featuring a half-pound of any meat atop a Slow Dough Bread Co. pretzel and served with house dipping sauces. Alongside the meats, the Mulligans said another focus at 3rd Coast is community participation. Troy previously joined the Texas BBQ Army’s cooking eorts for those displaced by Hurricane Harvey in Houston in 2017, and since opening 3rd Coast the Mulligans have partnered with local businesses to sell each others’ goods. And after the Twisted Tray proved to be one of 3rd Coast’s highest-selling dishes, the pair said they used its popularity as the basis for an ongoing charity drive beneting a new local organization every month. “We try to help out where we can as much as we can while still navigating the pandemic,” Dee Dee said. Dee Dee said launching 3rd Coast in March, around when the rst cases of COVID-19 were identied in the region, forced the business to pivot to online ordering and fewer seatings. Despite that challenge, she said word got around, and the restaurant and its outdoor yard grew an audience. The Mulli- gans also plan to host live music and other events through the coming months. Diners can also expect additions to 3rd Coast’s menu, including new seafood items during crawsh season. “We do specials just about every weekend with dierent things,” Troy said. “We’re going to have crawsh on the weekends ... and add dierent creative things on the menu to keep it interesting.” BY BEN THOMPSON

Sides ($4-$14) Choices for side dishes include macaroni and cheese.

smoked meat

Twisted Tray ($18)

3rd Coast’s smoked meat oerings, cooked in a wood-re pit and seasoned with housemade rubs, include ribs ($14 half rack, $28 rack), smoked turkey ($18 per pound), prime brisket ($24 per pound), and link sausage and boudin ($8 per pound). In addition to the full-size racks and one-pound servings, meats are also sold in quarter- and half-pound quantities.

3rd Coast BBQ&Catering 25219 Oakhurst Drive, Ste. C, Spring 713-545-0718 Hours: Thu.-Sat. 11 a.m.-4 p.m. or until sold out, Sun. 1 p.m.-sold out, closed Mon.-Wed. The restaurant’s Twisted Tray features a half-pound of any smoked meat served on a Slow Dough Bread Co. pretzel with a sampling of housemade honey mustard, beer cheese, chipotle ranch, barbecue and Alabama sauces. A portion of the tray’s cost also benets a new local charity each month through 3rd Coast’s Twisted Together initiative.


Dee Dee and Troy Mulligan are co- owners of 3rd Coast BBQ & Catering.





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