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Montgomery County commissioner, Precinct 3

This year Montgomery County taxpayers have faced rising appraisals, economic uncertainty, mandated business closures and a pandemic. This has led to lower wages, lost jobs and unemployment. Effective leaders will have to address these concerns, while continuing to manage growth, infrastructure, as well as drainage and subsidence issues. Under [my] leadership [I have] proven [my] ability to tackle the residents’ most concerning issues while adapting as they change based on circumstances. Helping our small businesses and residents recover from the [COVID- 19]-related health and economic crisis; prioritizing flood mitigation; building partnerships with community institutions to build resiliency, sustainability and a robust local economy; providing user friendly public services accessible to all constituents. What are the most important issues affecting Montgomery County residents in 2021 and beyond?

[I] will make sure to continue to fight for the lowest tax rate possible so taxpayers can continue to make their own decisions on how best to care for their families in such unprecedented times. How will you help residents and businesses affected by COVID-19 once CARES Act funds are used?

Do you see areas the county can reduce spending? If so, where and how much?

We can always find ways to be more efficient with taxpayer dollars. [I] led the effort to reduce county spending by 5% ... implemented a 20% homestead exemption, lowered the tax rate more than 10% ... saved the taxpayers over $34 million ... and continue to be the leader for fiscal responsibility on Commissioners Court. This year [I] and Judge [Mark] Keough ... did not vote for a tax rate higher than the no-new-revenue rate and led the effort to lower the tax rate by more than 3% this year. Yes, we should reduce road construction projects and encourage robust public comment before changing traffic patterns to avoid unintended consequences for our small businesses and communities. The $5.9 million spent on major projects in 2020 in [Precinct] 3 has created road construction fatigue. Although that amount will drop to $2 million in 2021 we should pause to evaluate the 2020 impact. We need to develop a more comprehensive and sustainable approach to transportation.

Occupation: Montgomery County Precinct 3 commissioner JAMES NOACK

Relevant experience: Texas A&M University graduate, financial sector work


Rapidly reallocate the $65 million of [federal] funds that legally can’t be distributed to homesteaders for more strategic rental/mortgage assistance to prevent foreclosures, evictions, homelessness and business closures. Build more cooperation with community institutions and public/private partnerships that provide services to the elderly, the hungry, the homeless and mental health services. Finally, plan to fully open county libraries to help both parents and job-seeking adults.


Occupation: sales and customer service Relevant experience: small-business owner; Montgomery County Democratic Party


deputy chair; precinct chair, election judge

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