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The gallery includes photography and sculptures as well as watercolor, oil-based and acrylic paintings.

Former Mayor Tom Reid called the rst meetings that led to the establishment of the Pearland Arts League.

Pearland Arts League Chair Naomi Stevens stands in front of the lobby in the storefront’s gallery in the Pearland Town Center.

Artwork fromMargo Green, Pearland Arts League’s exhibit chair, is on display at the gallery.


LOBBYING Artwork displayed in the lobby is considered the most coveted space in the gallery, and the Pearland Arts League allows six artists to have work showcased in the lobby at a given time.

PearlandArts League Nonprot celebrates landmark gallery but still has eyes on future W hen Naomi Stevens, the chair of the Pearland Arts League, attended the ini- which was to incorporate the artistic talents of Pearland-area residents into one shared organization, accord-

How does Pearland Arts League decide? At random!

have a home, and I am sure we will.” Despite now owning the gallery space, the Pearland Arts League still provides artwork year-round to the Pearland Chamber of Commerce, other organizations and local businesses, Stevens said. The gallery is located in the Pearland Town Center and features work from 25 artists. All the artwork displayed is for sale with a price that is set by the artists. While the gallery was an achieve- ment for the organization, Stevens said she still hopes to secure a building where the league can hold art classes and have a small theater. She said her ultimate goal is to make Pearland an art scene hot spot. “We want to someday be that good with our arts that people will say, ‘Oh, let’s spend some time in Pearland. Go to the galleries. Take in a show,’” she said.

PearlandArts League 11200 Broadway St., Ste. 1380, Pearland 832-922-9918* Hours: Sat. noon-8 p.m., closed Sun.-Fri. *PHONE ONLY ANSWERED ON SATURDAYS • After some time, new names are drawn. • Artists pulled cannot be pulled again. • All artists’ names are added to a pot. • Pearland Arts League picks six names at random. • Those artists have their work displayed in the lobby.

tial brainstorming sessions that were called by former Pearland Mayor Tom Reid, she said she never envisioned the group of people around her would grow into a nonprot organi- zation that aims to put Pearland on the art world’s map. “When [Reid] pulled this group together, we had about 20 people, and then it grew to about 40,” Stevens said. The nonprot organization achieved a milestone in September, securing its rst storefront gallery, which provides a physical space for Pearland Arts League’s artists to showcase their work and is exclu- sively their own. The creation of the gallery solid- ied the initial vision the group of 20 founders had in the early 2000s,

ing to the Pearland Arts League. Nearly 20 years ago, when the group became a nonprot organiza- tion, its artists, which varied from 20 to 40 members over the years, were given the opportunity to showcase their work. Through the help of several entities within the city of Pearland, such as the Pearland Chamber of Commerce and several schools, the Pearland Arts League’s artists were able to have their work shown at local events, Stevens said. Through it all, the league was able to do it without a physical oce or space. “We’ve never really had a home,” Stevens said. “We’ve never really had an oce, and we still don’t. We don’t have a facility. This gallery is being used as that. Eventually I hope we do



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