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BUSINESS FEATURE GTXNutrition Owner wants to build a healthier Georgetown S pecializing in protein shakes,


other ingredients such as ginseng and green tea extract that could aid slowing metabolisms. Even though Lawrence trusts in her products, she still faces the same struggles typical of many small- business owners. “It’s been hard. Being a

energy teas and protein co ees, GTX Nutrition is putting Georgetown’s health rst. Joy Lawrence was a stay-at- home mom when she opened GTX Nutrition in December 2020. “When my mentor


Joy Lawrence runs GTX Nutrition as a one-woman operation as part of a local team of shops around Central Texas . (Photos by Hunter Terrell/Community Impact Newspaper)

[Austin Standage] rst asked me if I wanted to open a shop, I said no. But after doing some research, training at the Cedar Park location and helping open the Taylor location, I knew I could do it on my own,” Lawrence said. GTX Nutrition is

business owner takes a lot of sweat, tears, time away from family,” Lawrence said. “But I am trying to be more involved in the community and want to let people know GTX is here for them.” For now, GTX Nutrition is a one-woman shop with

DRINKOPTIONS GTX Nutrition’s core products are its variety of co ee, tea and shakes o ered in myriad avors. GTX’s classic iced

coee has 15 grams of protein, 2 grams of sugar and is 100 calories. There are over 20 energy tea avors , such as Pomegranate- Berry Blast, and most have at least 85 grams of ca‰eine. The shakes come in a variety of avors , such as cookies and cream, with gluten-free Šavors such as vanilla or strawberry.

independently owned but operates within a local team. Additionally, all products are distributed by Herbalife Nutrition. “I knew I could be a part of this when I started using and believing in the product myself,” Lawrence said. Lawrence said she lost 20 pounds and has been able to keep it o for over two years with the help of the shakes and teas. “Our protein shakes have 24 grams of protein, 9 grams of sugar, roughly 200 calories and no added dairy,” Lawrence said. There are a variety of classic shake “avors, including Oreo Mint, S’mores and Banana Cream Pie as well as seasonal “avors such as Shamrock and Lucky Charms. “Our teas are a great source of energy, too,” Lawrence said. The teas come in over 20 “avors and exhibit a good dosage of ca eine as well as

Lawrence doing all the work. Lawrence also hopes that this experience instills in her own children concepts such as independence and responsibility. “It is everyone’s dream to work for themselves, but I am also doing this for my family,” Lawrence said. “When my kids [Soa and Eli] are here with me, they are always trying to help. I think doing this shows them that hard work does pay o .” Lawrence designed the store with the community in mind and families in mind: an open “oor plan, free Wi-Fi and a convenient location. “We have a ladies’ weight-loss group that meets here every week,” Lawrence said. “I want more of those interactions.” Lawrence is also interested in local sponsorships, fundraising e orts, participating in local events and even hosts tness boot camps on-site.

GTX Nutrition features seasonal protein shakes such as the Lucky Charms avor.

Joy Lawrence said she loves that her kids get to see her hard work.

GTXNutrition 512-948-7310 4112 Williams Drive, Ste. 101, Georgetown Mon.-Fri. 7:30 a.m.-3 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m.- 2 p.m., Sun. closed


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