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Georgetown ISD, Place 3




Occupation: community educator at Williamson County Children’s Advoca- cy Center

Occupation: business owner and non- proŽt founder Relevant experience: I own and operate two local businesses and have been deeply engaged in GISD, non- proŽt and veterans’ groups, and youth sports since 2008

Occupation: part owner of a manage- ment consulting company Relevant experience: management consulting with a specialty in Žnancial e“ectiveness (CFO) and corporate strategy path

Relevant experience: 20 years with a degree in child and adolescent studies and as a child development center supervisor, instructional assistant, PTA president to council PTA community education chair

Why are you the best candidate for the position?

My career working in schools with children and sta”, supporting families in the community and 15 years of PTA leadership giveme the experience and perspective that will serve our district well. I am an e”ective facilitator, ¨exible partner to achieve common goals and able to pivot when needed. Enriching the lives of chil- dren is not just what I’mdoing but is fundamental to who I am.

I’ve been deeply engaged in our community since 2008 through GISD schools, nonpro‹t and veterans’ groups, and youth sports. I own and operate two local businesses and have a thorough understanding of both our community’s values and their vision for the district.

Education has always been a central passion in my life: whether as an inveterate school tutor, a charter school board member or a university lecturer. Additionally, my career span has centered on improving tarnished systems. This combination gives me the skills and know-how to address impediments in our educational system. I recognize we need educated young people to become educated adults, and, if we don’t get it right, our economic system is at risk.

What GISD project or policy initiative needs to take priority, and why?

The Community-Based Accountability System is a priority and important tool in achieving excellence in GISD. In the CBAS, we need intentional stakeholder feedback to identify measurable performance targets including state standards, and represent our community’s educational priorities. Once implemented, the CBAS will further enhance transparency on strengths and growth opportunities in the district, driving a deeper commitment within our community tomeeting our shared goals.

Foundational early literacy is incredibly important right now. Students around the country are showing learning loss during the pandemic, but even before that, the district has needed to strengthen early literacy programs. With new guidelines from the state in place, it’s time for GISD to put maximume”ort into ensur- ing all our younger students are pro‹cient in reading and writing.

I believe a foundation of exemplary teaching, extraordinary learning and thriving academic environments is built upon fair teacher compensation. If we can’t get that right, we run the risk of diminishing the strength of our academic environments. We are asking teachers to domore with less: from teaching in our diverse schools to working in a highly regulated world. Wemust ‹nd a way to compensate our teachers as we ask them to domore.

How will you ensure quality education for all students?

Commitment to successful academic outcomes achieved by solid curriculum, e”ective instruction, community engagement and transparent communication from the district. Working with the community to support teachers as they prepare our students to be future-ready by cultivating critical thinking, perseverance, re- sponsibility and integrity. Ensure GISD is a competitive and desir- able district to retain and recruit quality teachers and substitutes.

As a parent and deeply engaged community partner, I see ‹rst- hand how hard our teachers and sta”work for our kids, and it’s my mission to support our district to ensure positive outcomes for all. I believe we do that through sound ‹scal policies, strong foundational academics, and a solid relationship with our commu- nity to provide wrap-around supports for students, teachers and families. If elected, I’ll work collaboratively with the other trustees and the superintendent to improve TEA ratings, increase teacher pay and retention, and help our district reach and exceed our goals for the future.

I believe in the education of all kids. I believe some kids begin at the starting line, some start behind, and others in front. I believe in teaching to that tenet, whichmeans you can’t teach all kids the same. I believe we have to tailor our teaching. I would work with teachers and leadership tomanifest that vision, while, in parallel, creating a culture where all kids embrace the “coolness” and “pridemanship” in learning.

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