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Sierra Lewis opened New Origin’s storefront in September. (Photos by Grace Dickens/Community Impact Newspaper)

There are two main rooms in the shop alongside a back room for workshops.

New Origin Shop Lifestyle shop uplifts Black- and woman-owned businesses W hen Sierra Lewis left her life as a teacher on the East Coast to explore her more creative side, she discovered a new many reusable shopping bags. Four years later, the shop opened its brick- and-mortar location in September 2021 where it carries more than 100 brands from around the world. BY GRACE DICKENS

ETHICAL SOURCING The shop sells products from all over the world that make empowering women of color a priority. ASKANYA CHOCOLATE CO. Bean-to-bar chocolate bars made in Haiti

beginning in Texas. Part of that new beginning is as owner of New Origin Shop, a lifestyle store in the Hill Country Galleria that makes wares for every facet of life. New Origin Shop sells a range of goods from clothing, accessories and jewelry to coee, ceram- ics, children’s books and more. The shop is a place anyone can come to nd a product in line with their values as a consumer, such as products that are sustainably made, fair trade or ethically sourced, Lewis said. “For every aspect of your day, you can nd something here that’s going to be thoughtfully made,” Lewis said. “We’re a lifestyle shop. You can come and nd gifts for yourself and others to use throughout your entire day.” Lewis studied fashion in college but pursued a career in teaching. After eight years, she said she felt the need for a larger creative outlet. She moved to Texas as part of a new beginning in life, or “new origin,” as Lewis said. She decided to launch her online Etsy shop in 2017 after making a few too

As a woman- and Black-owned business, the shop prioritizes supporting the creative endeav- ors of people of color and women by holding space for these individuals and investing in their businesses, Lewis said. “One of the highest priorities is to uplift, to extend my knowledge, my insights, to give a space for them to share their products,” Lewis said. “It’s directly supporting their livelihoods … or their passions.” After coming to Austin and launching her online shop, Lewis made connections with fellow creators through pop-up shows she attended. Throughout the growth of these connections alongside the support from her customers, Lewis said she was able to make the childhood aspira- tions of owning a store come true. “This is what I call the ‘dream shop,’” Lewis said. “And it’s all thanks to my community believing in me and resonating with what I want to share. It’s been the experience of a lifetime.”

KAHAWA 1893 Sourced from women farmers in Kenya and Rwanda

New Origin Shop 12921 Hill Country Blvd., Ste. D2-110, Bee Cave, 512-276-2066

Hours: Tue.-Sat. 11 a.m.-6 p.m., Sun. noon-6 p.m., closed Mon.



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