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CALL TODAY SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION FOR NEW SERVICES OR SECOND OPINIONS. (972) 542-4412 His wife Shelby and their two young sons, one of whom was born with brain defects and seizures, now live in a mortgage-free home thanks to the support of my patients and the community.” Jay’s wife, Shelby Liske, was starting to experience jaw and bite issues and she is now being treated with the latest Spark Clear Tooth Aligners. “Dr. Buchanan and her staff are absolutely amazing! This will be my 4th time going through treatment (the orthodontic technology and knowledge wasn’t the same when I first went through care over 20 years ago!). Dr. Buchanan has corrected what jaw surgery, expanders, and three sets of braces couldn’t before! She cares about the whole picture when it comes to care and making sure that everything is addressed so that your smile stands the test of time! Coming from someone who has been through it all when it comes to teeth, don’t go anywhere else! Go see Dr. Buchanan and do it right the first time so you only have to do it once!” - Shelby L.

Smiles Charity recipient Shelby Liske in her Spark Aligners with Dr. Buchanan and Team

only aligner system that integrates with Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), which offers me a full picture of the patient’s teeth, bones, nerve pathways, and soft tissue, so movement can be more precise and effective. Each case is different, of course, but being able to make more accurate aligners with better contact with the surface area of the teeth, means I’m often able to shorten treatment time.” PHILANTHROPIC SPIRIT Over the past 26 years, Dr. Buchanan has become well known for her philanthropic work with Smiles Charity which she established to provide adapted, mortgage-free homes for wounded veterans. “I am excited that all of my patients support Smiles Charity since a portion of all treatment goes to help these deserving wounded veterans,” states Dr. Buchanan. “The Liske family is one of our 2022 Smiles Charity recipients. Sgt Jay Liske joined the Army in 2014 and his disabilities include herniated lumbar discs, TBI, and PTSD. In 2018 he was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia and is now in remission.

INTRODUCING SPARK CLEAR TOOTH ALIGNERS Dr. Jennifer Buchanan has a fascination with emerging technology and discovering new ways it can improve orthodontic care. Over the past 26 years, as Dr. Buchanan Orthodontics has grown, she’s witnessed incredible advancements in the comfort and precision of the care she can provide. One new technology that has Dr. Buchanan excited is the very latest in clear tooth aligners. “Spark Aligners have set a new standard in orthodontics,” she said. “I’m truly amazed at the results my patients are seeing. Spark Aligners are constructed of a new material called TruGEN which makes them more comfortable, clearer, and less likely to stain. I’m seeing more efficient and effective tooth movement than with the leading brand. CLEARER, MORE COMFORTABLE, MORE PRECISE “Most of the patients I treat with aligners are older teens or adults who don’t necessarily want to look like they’re wearing braces,” Dr. Buchanan said. “Spark Aligners are less noticeable and because they’re resistant to staining, they stay that way. And because the TruGEN material creates smoother edges, they’re more comfortable too.” Spark Aligners are BPA-free, mercury-free, latex-free, and phthalate-free. “They’re made of stronger material which allows us to move teeth faster,” Dr. Buchanan said. “Spark is the

Smiles Charity 2022 mortgage payoff recipients Sgt. Jay & Shelby Liske with their sons



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