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BUSINESS FEATURE Universal Propane Grill & Light Outdoor kitchens created at 30-year-old business B ob Fulton said the range of products available have increased along with compe- because the company’s gone.” Fulton said he has been pleasantly BY DANICA LLOYD

surprised to have an onslaught of business as people look to update their homes amid the pandemic. But there have been some product short- ages because of the unprecedented nationwide demand. “We were, like everybody else, not sure what would happen, and we closed for a while to protect our employees and ourselves,” Fulton said. “When we reopened, I thought [business] would be very slow. But there has been a boom with people doing home improvements, xing their houses or moving.” Fulton said most clients are from the Northwest Houston area, but he does business as far as Galveston, Beaumont and College Station. Some products are available for shipping, but Fulton recommends customers visit his showroom to see merchandise in person. With nearly three decades of experience in the industry, he said he enjoys talking through options with customers and giving them advice about best prac- tices when working with contractors building outdoor kitchens. “I’m not a hardcore salesperson, but I am aggressive at informing a consumer what to look for,” he said. “It’s very important to understand what you’re buying, so I take the time to explain why I like the product, what dierentiates it, why it’s better [than] the competition.”

Bob Fulton opened Universal Propane Grill & Light in 1991, oering grills and other outdoor kitchen accessories. (Danica Lloyd/Community Impact Newspaper)

tition from newer brands, retailers and websites since he opened Univer- sal Propane Grill & Light nearly three decades ago on FM 1960 in 1991. “We’ve had to change our focus more to the better-quality products due to some manufacturers just not being what they used to be and some manufacturers just disappearing,” he said. “I’ve been doing this for 30 years, so I’m very careful about what I bring in quality-wise.” Trends have changed over time as well, and Fulton said today his business specializes in oering and installing outdoor kitchen equipment such as grills, refrigerators, side burners, doors, drawers and sinks. Additionally, the business rells propane tanks, installs gas logs in replaces and sells barbecue wood and grilling accessories. Most people are investing thou- sands of dollars when building an outdoor kitchen, and Fulton said his top priority is oering excellent prod- ucts that are priced well. Customers do not necessarily have to purchase the most expensive option to get great quality, he said. “I see problems all the time where people have bought a product that may not be made the best, and they spent all the money building the kitchen,” he said. “But the grill fails and they can’t nd the parts for it


Universal Propane Grill & Light oers a range of outdoor kitchen products.

Grill head

A natural gas or propane grill head is often the focal point of outdoor kitchens, Fulton said.

Door and drawers

In addition to cooking equipment, storage options and other accessories can be added to the outdoor kitchen space.

Side burner Adding a side burner allows for more cooking options in addition to the grill.

Refrigerator Those who want the option to keep beverages or food products cold can add on a refrigerator, ice chest or kegerator.

Universal Propane Grill &Light 9106 FM 1960 W., Houston 281-894-8878 Hours: Mon.-Sat. 9 a.m.-5 p.m., closed Sun.





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